Cleaning and Restoring India’s Water Bodies Challenge- Invest India

Cleaning and Restoring India’s Water Bodies Challenge- Invest India

Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the GOI

Cleaning and Restoring India’s Water Bodies Challenge- Invest India

Eligibility Criteria

The following eligibility criteria will apply: 

  1. Entities from India and out of India can both apply. 
  2. Should not have been blacklisted or debarred from participating in tenders by any Central /State Government agencies or autonomous bodies or universities/ institutions. (An undertaking to this effect should be furnished). 
  3. In case of non-Indian entities, should not have been named in any sanction from any nation, nor should have been held guilty under various anti-corruption/anti-malpractice laws worldwide. An undertaking to the effect must be furnished. 
  4. Indian Startups and MSMEs should have the required registrations
  5. Demonstrated track record/ expertise in the areas of waste management essential.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria applied to the entries will include: 

  1. Relevance of technology to the identified challenges
  2. Prior demonstration or validation test reports if any
  3. The land footprint, energy footprint, water footprint of the technology
  4. The cost of the technology, demonstrated in cost/ per unit waste treated or cost/ length of water body cleaned
  5. The versatility of the technology to be applied across a range of sites
  6. The extent to which the technology allows for water to be recovered and reused (measured in % terms)
  7. Readiness for deployment 
  8. Timeline required for deployment
  9. Team composition and experience/ demonstrated expertise 
  10. The extent of cost share proposed by the company

Evaluation Process

A multi-tier evaluation process will be followed for the selection of successful applicants including Basic Screening, Expert Assessment, Executive Committee Selection, and Final Approval.

Submission Timeline 

  • Rolling deadline for RFPs, with the first submission on 24th Dec 2020
  • Subsequent deadline will be 15th February 2021

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