IIT Bombay R programming language Beginner workshop

IIT Bombay R programming language Beginner workshop

Online workshop On  

R programming language Beginner 

IIT Bombay

28th November 2020




Department of CSE, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Bombay is organizing an online workshop  On  "R programming language Beginner" to enhance the knowledge. This online workshop at IIT Bombay will start on the 28th of November 2020 from 9.30 A.M to 5.30 P.M. Interested candidates can apply for this.


R programming language is all-time high in TIOBE index for July 2020 |  TechGig

R is one among the foremost preferred open-source languages for analytics and data science. The cross-platform compatibility of R and its capacity to handle large and sophisticated data sets makes it a perfect tool for academicians to research data in their labs.

R are often used for easy calculations, matrix calculations, differential equations, optimization, statistical analysis, plotting graphs, etc. Also, it is useful for anybody who wishes to undertake extensive statistical computations and data visualization.



  • Working directories in RStudio
  •  Merging and Importing Data
  •  Plotting Histograms and Pie Chart
  •  Introduction to ggplot 2
  •  Aesthetic Mapping in ggplot 2
  •  Data Manipulation using dplyr Package
  •  Pipe Operator
  •  How to create Rmarkdown file in R
  • Simulation/Animation using R.



  •  Learn basic R programming
  •  Learn to perform data visualization
  •  Learn data manipulation techniques using R
  •  Certificate for Beginner Workshop


Who can attend?

  • Students
  • Faculty Members
  • Working professionals

(from Engineering, Science and Social Science background)



Students ₹ 450
Faculty ₹ 950
Others ₹ 1950


Interest candidates who are eligible can apply for this workshop at IIT Bombay apply here



Participation certificates are going to be provided to all or any participants after the successful completion of the workshop in an electronic form


Last date: November 26, 2020.



Email: eoutreach@it.iitb.ac.in


For more information, see the link below

IIT Bombay R programming language Beginner workshop 

Start your future with a Data Analysis Certificate.

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