IITK Workshop "Transport in Nanoelectronics"

IITK Workshop "Transport in Nanoelectronics"

Overview: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur is organizing a six-day Quality Improvement Program (QIP) on "Transport in Nanoelectronics". 



Date of Workshop: 15-20 March 2021



Course Outline:

  • Day 1: Introduction and Overview- classical, semi-classical, and quantum transport, diffusive and ballistic transport, different length scales, near-equilibrium and high-field transport, transport in magnetic fields, and more.
  • Day 2: Thermodynamics- equilibrium vs non-equilibrium, maximum entropy principle, equilibrium distributions - Maxwell-Boltzmann, Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein distributions and more.
  • Day 3: Boltzmann transport equation- general solution, moment equations, drift-diffusion equation, and energy transport equations, electrochemical potentials, and more.
  • Day 4: Schrodinger's formulation of quantum mechanics (QM), periodic potential and Bloc's theorem, band-structure and effective mass approximation, Bloch oscillations and semi-classical transport, and more.
  • Day 5: Quantum ballistic transport- Landauer-Buttiker formalism, ballistic conductance, and conductance quantization, quantum size effect, energy dispersion relation and density of states in 3D, 2D, 1D, and more.
  • Day 6: Spin transport and spin-dependent resistance, Julliere formula, Giant magnetoresistance, and tunnel magnetoresistance, spin-torque, quantum transport in magnetic fields, emerging spin-orbit devices, and more.



Registration Cost:

  • Faculty from AICTE Institutes coming under the QIP program (maximum 30)  No Registration Fees
  • Non-IITK Faculty Rs 7080/- (including GST)
  • IITK Student Rs 1,000/- (No GST Required)
  • Non-IITK Student Rs 2,360/- (Including GST)
  • Industry Participant Rs 10,620/- (Including GST)



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