MTTS: Online Foundation Course in Mathematics 2020

MTTS: Online Foundation Course in Mathematics 2020

MTTS: 2020


One of the most loved and significant features of MTTS camps is its two-week Foundation Course for Mathematics at Level O. It has been our experience that this one course made a lot of difference to the confidence, attitude, and enthusiasm for Mathematics among the students. When we announced the Online Foundation Course,  we received 1800+ applications. While we could accommodate about 500 students among the six camps, more than 1200 were left out. So, the Trust decided to live-stream one of the six camps so that not only these 1200 students but anybody who is interested may view the course.


This is the one of the best course for the mathematics learner or mathematics students in India, Although the last date for this online event is over in this sessions, MTTS has decided to give a chance to everyone to watch the live class on youtube, we think it is gonna be the great opportunity for the students who didn't get selected but wanna experience this great course in INDIA on mathematics.



Second-year undergraduate students, who have completed one year (two semesters) of their B.Sc./B.A. program, with Mathematics as one of their main subjects.



There is no fee for the program.



04/10/2020 to 24/10/2020


Live Stream 

Those who didn't get selected and wanna watch the live stream can see the stream here.

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