NIT Jamshedpur e-Workshop on Wearable Devices

NIT Jamshedpur e-Workshop on Wearable Devices

Online Workshop on

Wearable Devices (WWD-2020)

NIT Jamshedpur

December 14-18, 2020




Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Jamshedpur in collaboration with AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy, Kolkata is organizing an Online Workshop on "Wearable Devices". This workshop will start on the 14th of December 2020 and will end on the 18th of December 2020.



  • Introduction to Wearable Technology (Technology overview and applications)
  • Introduction to the Haptics (Science of the Haptics, applications & technological advancements)
  • Data gathering & processing (Micro-controllers & microprocessors, Programming & interfacing, data verification & visualization)
  •  Sensors (Motion, body vital / health measurement Environmental)
  •  Battery & power technologies (Lithium-ion, alkaline, NiMH)
  •  Designing a wearable consumer device (Electronics precautions, shielding & waterproofing)
  •  History of telemedicine
  •  Telemedicine today
  •  The difference between telemedicine and Telehealth
  •  Top telemedicine medical specialties
  •  Types of telemedicine
  •  Who pays for telemedicine?
  •  Future of telemedicine


 Who can attend?

  • faculty members
  • Research scholars
  • PG students
  • Government and Industry (Bureaucrats and Technicians)



Registration Fees NIL
Registration link CLICK HERE
Last Date for registration  9-12-2020





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 NIT Jamshedpur e-Workshop on Wearable Devices

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