VIT Workshop "Data Science and Advanced Computing"

VIT Workshop "Data Science and Advanced Computing"

Overview: VIT is organizing an online Workshop on "Data Science and Advanced Computing". The workshop is divided into two parts.



Level-I: 13 to14 March 2021 (For 10+2 & UG Level) &:

This level of the workshop mainly focuses on 10+2 and UG students. It is intended to give you a
brief idea of data science and the roles of a data scientist in different sectors like Marketing, Banking,
Operations, Insurance, and Finance, Human Resources, Health care, Supply chain, R&D sectors, etc.
Participants will get an opportunity to interact with many data scientists and statisticians from industry and
academia worldwide.


Speakers for Level 1:

  • Dr. Fiaz Shaik Topic: Data Science and Applications
  • Dr. Angelo Coluccia Topic: Detection of Small Drones: From Sensor Data Fusion to Deep Learning
  • Mr. Akhil Gopinath Topic: Computational Mathematics Using MATLAB
  • Dr. Anand Mukhopadhyay Topic: Introduction to Statistical Methods with MATLAB
  • Prof. Indranil Mukhopadhyay Topic: Data Science: Data to Information, and Information to Insight
  • Prof. Challa Subrahmanya Topic: Computing with Matrices
  • Mr. Naveen Kaveti Topic: Behind the scenes of statistical models
  • Mr. Shivam Gupta Topic: Graph Nural Networks: How they are used in Microso Bing Ads...!!!


Level-II: 19 to 21 March 2021 (For PG Level):

This level of the workshop is proposed for PG (Mathematics and Statistics) students and will
provide an overview of recent trends in emerging research areas in applied mathematics and advanced
computing. This workshop will encourage the participants towards new research directions. It provides a
wide opportunity for the participants to interact with experts from different parts of the world.



Speakers for Level 2:

  • Prof. Y N Reddy Topic: Need for Robust Numerical Methods
  • Dr. Kannan Srinathan Topic: The ABCD of Cryptography
  • Dr. Goqo Sicelo Topic: An improved spectral quasilinearisation method for square cavity flow problems
  • Dr. Yuriy V. Pershin Topic: The rise of memristors
  • Prof. Pankaj Jain Topic: Certain Inequalities on Various Function Spaces
  • Prof. D. Srinivasacharya Topic: Symbolic Computing with Python
  • Dr. Yogeshwaran Dhandapani Topic: An introduction to Percolation
  • Dr. Sabaskar Jayaraj Topic: Applications of Thomas Algorithm for Penta-Diagonal System
  • Dr. Angelo Coluccia Topic: Detection Problems in Signal Processing and Data Science


Important Points:

  • E- certificate for participants.
  • Entry Free

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