Apply for the International CNF E-ICRDMMS- 2021 Last date-None

STIST | International CNF on Advances in Construction Materials and Structures Last date-Nov. 25, 2021

NIT Jamshedpur International CNF on "Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Algebra" [Apply Now] Last date-Sept. 15, 2021

BPR College International CNF on "Advance Research in Applied Sciences" [Apply Now] Last date-Sept. 22, 2021

IIIT Naya Raipur International CNF on "Advanced Topics in Mathematics", Apply by Sept. 30th, 2021 Last date-Sept. 30, 2021

VIT International CNF on Mathematics and Computing (ICMC 2022) Last date-Sept. 30, 2021

TERI-WWEA | 19th World Wind Energy CNF on "Powering the World with Wind and Sun", 24-26 November 2021 Last date-None

NIT Silcher e-CNF on Mathematical Modelling in Biological Sciences, Apply by 15ᵗʰ September 2021 Last date-Sept. 15, 2021

Sandip Foundation International CNF on "Mechanical and Material Science Engineering; Apply by Sept. 10th, 2021 Last date-Sept. 10, 2021

UNIS Tangerang | CNF on Social, Science, and Technology [Limited Seats, hurry up!] Last date-Oct. 15, 2021

SVNIT Surat International CNF on Mathematical Sciences; October 7-9, 2021; Apply by Sept. 30th, 2021 Last date-Sept. 30, 2021

IIM Ahmedabad Transportation Science and Logistics Society Workshop Last date-Oct. 31, 2021

MNNIT Allahabad- International CNF on VLSI, Communication, and Signal Processing Last date-Sept. 10, 2021

NIT Silchar | International CNF on "Mathematical Modelling in Biological Sciences"; Apply by Sept. 15th, 2021 Last date-Sept. 15, 2021

DBT-Govt. Of India | India-Finnish CNF on Funding for Researcher Mobility, Apply by September 23rd, 2021 Last date-Sept. 23, 2021

SVNIT Surat- International CNF on Advances in Fluid Flow and Thermal Sciences, Apply by August 30th, 2021 Last date-Aug. 30, 2021

NIT Patna- Virtual Global CNF on Renewable Energy (GCRE2021), 24-25 July 2021 Last date-June 30, 2021

IIIT- Naya Raipur: International CNF on Technology, Research, and Innovation for Betterment of Society 'TRIBES-2021' Last date-Oct. 10, 2021

IIT Bombay | 7th Indian Control Conference (ICC-7) Last date-Aug. 31, 2021

NIT Kurukshetra International CNF on "Advances in Data Computing, Communication and Security". Last date-June 15, 2021

IISc Bangalore- Call For Papers on Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing Last date-Oct. 20, 2021

DRDO 2nd International Conference on Range Technology , IEEE ICORT 2021 Last date-July 1, 2021

NIT Patna- International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Theory & Applications AITA-2021, Apply by May 15, 2021 Last date-May 15, 2021

IIT Madras || Call for Papers in Field of AI/ML; Apply by May 21, 2021 Last date-May 21, 2021

Swarna Jayanti Fellowships Scheme 2020¬21 | DST India | worth 125,000 per month Last date-March 31, 2021

NITD ESMOC Call for Paper | conference Last date-None

MANIT Bhopal International e-CNF on "Latest Trends in Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering" Last date-Feb. 28, 2021

IIT Roorkee International Conference on "Unmanned Aerial System in Geomatics" Last date-Feb. 20, 2021

NIT Hamirpur conference on Recent Trends in Management and social science. Last date-Feb. 22, 2021

VARCOE, IIT BHUBANESWAR workshop/hackathon On AR & VR Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

John Hopkins online course on Surveillance Systems Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

NIT Trichy e-FDP on Renewable Energy Grid Integration Last date-Jan. 10, 2021

NIT Trichy e-STC on Lean Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Last date-Dec. 18, 2020

AICTE-KITS Warangal STTP on Sustainable Materials & Resilient Buildings [FREE] Last date-Feb. 10, 2021

Data Science webinar by IISER Pune, DBT Govt. of India and NCCS Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

SVNIT Surat STTP on Multiple Attribute Decision Making and Its Industrial Applications Last date-Dec. 16, 2020

IIT Bombay 5-day Pedagogy Workshop on How to teach Programming Basics Last date-Dec. 15, 2020

Python Certification Training Last date-None

NIT Hamirpur e-STC on Recent Trends in Artificial Neural Networks and Optimization Last date-Dec. 16, 2020

SVNIT one week STTP on Flow, Energy and Combustion Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

Online course on Symmetric Cryptography by the University of Colorado System Last date-Feb. 28, 2021

MNIT online STC on Advanced Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology Last date-Dec. 17, 2020

ICEM International Conference on Evolution in Manufacturing Last date-Dec. 11, 2020

NIT Jamshedpur e-Workshop on Wearable Devices Last date-Dec. 9, 2020

MANIT Bhopal STTP on Advance Research Methods and Techniques in Planning and Design Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

IIT Indore online SNC on Recent Advances in Network Security and Blockchain Technology Last date-Dec. 13, 2020

IIT Indore e-STC on "Research Methodology in Science & Engineering" Last date-Dec. 22, 2020

MNIT Jaipur Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Novel Materials Last date-Dec. 25, 2020

IISER Pune ONLINE TRAINING on Scientific project management Last date-Dec. 20, 2020

IIT Indore Online STC on 5G and Beyond Wireless Technologies Last date-Dec. 20, 2020

NIT Raipur FDP on Electrical and Computer Engineering Last date-Dec. 15, 2020

NIT Raipur One day Webinar on Women Mental Health Last date-Dec. 5, 2020

IIT Ropar ADVITIYA 2020 Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning with COVID19 Data Analysis Last date-Dec. 11, 2020

Online course Managing Machine Learning Projects with Google Cloud Last date-Nov. 29, 2020

Annual Refresher Programme In Teaching (ARPIT)-2020 Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

IIT Roorkee Course Multifunctional Characteristics of Advanced Materials for Defence Application Last date-Dec. 6, 2020

IIT Roorkee FDP on Multifunctional Characteristics of Advanced Materials for Defence Applications Last date-Dec. 3, 2020

MANIT Bhopal e-STC on Smart Manufacturing Technologies Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

International Workshop on Design and Manufacturing of Composites for Engineering Applications Last date-Jan. 3, 2021

Adobe research fellowship 2021 Last date-Dec. 5, 2020

IIIT Allahabad's ONLINE FDP on Internet-of-Things Last date-Dec. 6, 2020

NIT-T Faculty Development Programme On Energy Engineering Last date-Dec. 27, 2020

IIT Indore online SNC on Advances in Fatigue, Creep, Fracture and Failure Analysis of Materials Last date-Dec. 4, 2020


NIT Raipur e-STC on Computational Structure-based drug design, Biologics design, and Molecular dynamics Last date-Dec. 13, 2020

NIT Jalandhar e-STC on Textile Testing and Analytical Techniques in Textiles & Fashion Last date-Nov. 26, 2020

IBM Machine Learning with Python Online course Last date-Nov. 24, 2020

Delhi Uni. online FDP RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Last date-Dec. 8, 2020

UX Design Fundamentals by California Institute of the Arts Last date-Nov. 23, 2020

MNIT Jaipur FDP The Recent Trends in Green Technology for Clean Energy Production Last date-Jan. 3, 2021

Five Days Faculty Development Program (FDP) on Novel Materials Last date-Dec. 25, 2020

NIT Surthkal e-workshop Surface Characterization Last date-Dec. 1, 2020

MNNIT Allahabad Online course Numerical and Optimization Techniques (ONLINE NOT-2020) Last date-Dec. 25, 2020

NIT Raipur online FDP on Green Technology and Sustainability Engineering Last date-Dec. 7, 2020


IIT Indore e-STC on "Micro- and Nano-Mechanics of Solids" Last date-Dec. 10, 2020

IIIT Allahabad e-STC on "ADVANCES IN DEEP ARCHITECTURES" Last date-Nov. 29, 2020

IIT Roorkee webinar on Curbing Antimicrobial Resistance using Science and Research Last date-Nov. 21, 2020

IIT Guwahati: Online free STC on Advanced Solar Collectors Last date-Dec. 14, 2020

Hong kong Uni. Course on Matrix Algebra for Engineers Last date-Nov. 30, 2020

MIPT: Online course on Technical Writing Last date-Nov. 15, 2020

NIT Warangal e-STC on “Data Analytics with Python” Last date-Jan. 25, 2021

NIT Uttarakhand: National Conference on Recent Advancement in Physical Sciences Last date-Dec. 5, 2020

Get Certificate in Mathematics for Machine Learning: Multivariate Calculus Last date-None

Using Databases with Python-University of Michigan Last date-Oct. 31, 2020

Harvard University Professional Certificate in Computer Science for Artificial Intelligence Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

United Nations, ISRO online course on Geospatial Applications for Disaster Risk Management [FREE] Last date-Nov. 30, 2020

Python Data Structures- University of Michigan-Online Course, Enrol for FREE Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

Mastering Git and GitHub, Apply Now Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design - University of Colorado Boulder Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

Python Quiz 2.0, National Level Quiz on Python Apply Now Last date-Oct. 23, 2020

Python for Everybody Specialization: University of Michigan, Enrol NOW Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

Sequences, Time Series, and Prediction Enroll Now, Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

Statistics Essentials for Analytics Online course, Apply Now Last date-Dec. 31, 2020

NIT Meghalaya e-FDP on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Recent Developments Last date-Nov. 2, 2020

SVNIT Surat Workshop on emerging MATERIALS FOR ENERGY STORAGE APPLICATIONS (EMESA-2020) Last date-Oct. 16, 2020

NIT Jalandhar e-STC Sustainable, Resilient and Smart Built Infrastructure in Developing Countries Last date-Oct. 19, 2020

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate -Enrol for free trial Now Last date-None


Machine Learning Certification Training using Python Last date-Oct. 31, 2020