IMUN Online Conference

 International MUN Online Conference: Continued support of delegates in IMUN Online Conferences has ensured regularly sold-out conferences, committees with vision and greater stream lining of processes. This huge success has prompted us to go the extra mile with our newest event: IMUN Online Conference 23.0: Experience the Best of Diplomacy and Excellence As the world learns to live with this pandemic, it is predominantly important to find a way to stop future pandemics, secure and manage sustainable cities and protect the most vulnerable of populations, particularly those in prisons. At IMUN23.0, we take a lookat all that while also analyzig the waste management during Covid-19 as well as India-China border crisis. Pricing : IMUN Online Conference costs Only USD 9 Or 700 INR Sponsors: Australian Embassy, Bangkok and Vietnam UN Partner Organisations: UNDP, UNESCO, IOM

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