NIT Arunachal Pradesh Free 5-days Short Term Course "Aspects of Modern Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (AMOTSE)", Last date to apply-15th Aug, 2020.

The one week short term program on ‘Aspects of Modern Optimization Techniques in Science and Engineering (AMOTSE)’ is to highlight the advances in optimization techniques and their successful applications in real life problems of sciences and engineering. The proposed course is not specific to any single discipline and can attract participants from various branches of science and engineering. It targets to learn how to apply the mathematical results and numerical techniques of optimization theory to concrete Engineering problems. It comprises of sessions for the participants to introduce them to a number of modern optimization methodologies and their application/case studies from a wide variety of real world interdisciplinary engineering problems. This program presents all traditional and advanced methods of optimization of relevance to applications in science & engineering and thus to develop and promote research interest in applying optimization techniques in problems of Science , Engineering and Technology .

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