Online 6-Day Faculty Development Program on "Design, Modeling, and Control of Renewable Energy Resources" - NIT Warangal

generation are the alternatives developed to curb the
environmental issues caused by conventional thermal
generation. From the past few decades, many countries are
aiming to generate 100% clean energy using renewable
resources such the PV, Wind, etc. Even Government of
India has targeted to install around 175GW of renewable
power capacity that includes 100GW of solar photovoltaics
(PV), 60 GW of wind, 10GW of bio-power and fuel cell-based
power, 5GW of small hydropower plants by
2022. Before building any renewable plants, various case
studies are to carried out on simulation platform so that
grid operation does not get affected. To carry out these case
studies, the proper modelling of these sources is needed
which will be discussed in this workshop. The renewable
sources like PV, wind and fuel cells uses the power
electronic interface to integrate with the gird. Proper
converter and control design are required based on the
source capacity and integration points which will be
presented in the workshop. Further with a large proliferation
of these renewables which are mostly uncertain and pose
various challenges in the grid operations. In this workshop,
some of the challenges posed by large scale renewable will be discussed along with the possible solutions.

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