Globalink Research Internship at Mitacs; Apply by Sept. 22nd, 2021

Globalink Research Internship at Mitacs; Apply by Sept. 22nd, 2021


Mitacs is inviting applications for the Globalink Research Internship, Interested candidates can apply.



  • Be a minimum of 18 years aged at the time of application
  • Be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or combined undergraduate/master’s program at an eligible institution (see list of eligible institutions by country)
  • Have one to 3 semesters remaining in their program as of Fall 2022
  • Meet the grade requirements for his or her country of study (see GPA requirements for every international partner)
  • Apply to a minimum of three and a maximum of seven projects and ensure selections are from a minimum of three different Canadian provinces
  • Be fluent within the oral and written communication of the project (English and/or French)
  • Be available to finish an internship lasting 12 consecutive weeks between May Day and October 31



Important Dates:

April to June 2021 Faculty application: Faculty submit research projects to Mitacs. Project proposals are due June 9, 2021, by 1 p.m. PT for 2022 Globalink Research Internships. 
July to August 2021  Faculty application vetting: Projects are reviewed by Mitacs and decisions communicated to professors. All successful projects are made available to student applicants in an online database. 
August to September 2021  Student application: International students submit applications and select research projects from the online database. Mitacs conducts an eligibility review of student applications in October. 
November 2021 to January 2022  Matching: Mitacs provides professors with a shortlist of student candidates for their projects. Professors are then asked to review student applications, conduct interviews, and rank the applicants in suitability. Mitacs collects student and professor rankings, then finalizes offers to students. Final results are announced in February. 
February to April 2022 Pre-internship preparation: Successful students start working with their Canadian host professors to arrange pre-internship details (e.g., reading to be completed beforehand) while Mitacs oversees logistics and coordinates with university administrative offices. 
May to October 2022 Internship: Globalink research interns arrive in Canada and work with supervising professors for 12 weeks on their research projects. 


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