IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2021, Stipend, Last date

IIIT Delhi Summer Internship 2021, Stipend, Last date

Summer Internship 2021

IIIT Delhi


IIIT Delhi has invited the application for the Summer Internship program 2021. The summer internship program 2021. Each year our faculty members invest their time, effort & innovation in some great real-time projects. The projects are listed below. A student can apply for a max of 03 projects.


Last date

The last date to apply for this internship is 31st March 2021.



Last date 31st March 2021
Result 15th April 2021



Students who get selected for the summer internship at IIIT-Delhi will be receiving a stipend of 5k per month.



Interested candidates can book the hostel here.




  • Multimedia Computing and AI for Social Good
  • Physically unclonable functions (PUF)
  • Ethics in AI, Ethics of Big Data, Justification of Civil Disobedience
  • Developing parallel algorithm and runtimes
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Network-based analysis of big data
  • Memory safety in C
  • IIITD-ALIVE (Autonomous Last mIle VEhicle)
  • e-Nav: A user preference-aware and event-conscious navigation system for augmenting road trip planning
  • Multi-hop UAV/ Drones communication, 5G, Visible Light Communication
  • Statistical characterization of Spatio-temporal climate variability across India since 1901
  • Attention evaluation using eye-tracking and machine learning
  • Picture-Based App for Verbal Communication: PARROT
  • Developing tools and technologies for a sustainable planet
  • HPC Implementation of Finite Element Exterior Calculus
  • Weakly Supervised Learning
  • On analyzing and predicting the count data with dispersion
  • Extracting program representations for machine learning
  • Domain Adaptation in Computer Vision
  • Semi-automatic implementation of Ontology Design Patterns
  • Weaving Interactivity into Everyday Objects and Experiences
  • Artificial Intelligence Applications in Clinical and Public Health
  • Connecting the disconnected IoT nodes in challenged network scenarios
  • Playing mix and match with clients to achieve the optimal performance for next-generation WLAN
  • Civic Engagement in Urban India [Civic Data Lab]
  • Sums related to the Harmonic series
  • Internet Shutdowns
  • Civic Data Lab
  • Automotive radar for advance driver assistance systems
  • Spatio-temporal Data Analytics
  • Personalized Route Recommendation
  • TRIZ curriculum in Russian Universities
  • Publication Management Tool
  • Ecological Interactions
  • Plant-pollinator Interactions
  • RecipeDB - An android App
  • Computational Gastronomy - Data Analytics
  • Social Media Analysis / Social Computing
  • AI and ML for Urban Transportation


How to apply Apply Here

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