Sony Research India | Internship Opportunity | Machine Learning Intern, Apply ASAP!

Sony Research India | Internship Opportunity | Machine Learning Intern, Apply ASAP!


Sony Research India is driving cutting-edge research and development in various locations around the globe, including laboratories in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia. We endeavor to create new technology, products, and services while sustaining Sony Group’s diverse businesses in electronics, entertainment, and financial fields. For our research center to blaze a trail in the latest technologies, we seek to foster the growth of a diverse pool of engineering talent and create a technology talent bank to drive research excellence worldwide. Sony Research India (SRI) offers outstanding career opportunities around frontline technologies such as AI and data analytics.




  • Apply and develop ML and AI technologies to solve healthcare challenges.
  • Cleaning, managing, extracting, and pre-processing data (healthcare) from various sources having different formats (text, image, audio, video, and related).
  • Work on the existing basic development activities with the research scientists or other team members.




  • Remote/ Bangalore, India




  • 6 months starting April second/ third week
  • 9:30 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday) fulltime



Essential Education:

  • Bachelor or master or PhD. from Computer Science background. (Ph.D. Preferred)



Must-Have Skills:

  • Python, ML Frameworks - Pytorch, TensorFlow, Pandas, sci-kit-learn
  • Knowledge of state-of-the-art ANN, DNN, Big data, and related
  • Demonstrated research capability via a good publication record in the relevant areas.
  • Good research record with publications in top conferences and journals.
  • A clear and well-developed strategy for outstanding future research that has the potential to result in world-leading publications.



Good to Have Skills:

  • GANs, New Innovative AI Technique/ Methods.
  • Knowledge and experience in GPU-based computation
  • Creative vision and thinking
  • Familiarity with AWS or any other cloud service knowledge



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