TGIP - Invitation for International Internship Program, Apply by Feb 28ᵗʰ, 2023

TGIP - Invitation for International Internship Program, Apply by Feb 28ᵗʰ, 2023

Overview :

The Taiwan International Graduate Program is pleased to announce that they have started to accept applications to their International Internship Program.

It is a unique all-English Ph.D. program supported by Academia Sinica.





Programs Offered :

  1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics
  2. Molecular Science and Technology
  3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Molecular and Cell Biology
  6. Nano Science and Technology
  7. Molecular Medicine
  8. Earth System Science
  9. Biodiversity
  10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
  11. Sustainable 
  12. Chemical Science and Technology
  13. Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing
  14. Artificial Intelligence of Things




Eligibility Criteria :

  1. Undergraduate students who will have been conferred a B.S. degree by August 2024.
    (Or students who will have been conferred a B.S.+M.S. dual degree by August 2024.)
  2. Students pursuing a Master's degree and holding a B.S. degree.
  3. Individuals holding a B.S. or Master's degree (students pursuing a Ph.D. degree are not eligible for this category)
  4. Students/ Individuals who have attended the TIGP-IIP program before are not eligible to apply again.
  5. Those who are currently employed or research assistants at Academia Sinica are not eligible for the IIP program.




Accommodation :

  • On-campus/ Off-campus accommodation will be helped to arrange by the TIGP office if the interns work in AS and the students will need to pay for the cost.
  • Some hosting PIs work in a different city from Taipei, where Academia Sinica is located. In this situation, the off-campus accommodation will be arranged by the hosting PI. Please take this into consideration when selecting a hosting PI.




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