D2C Dream Companies to Work for 2021: HUL, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon rises amongst MBA and engineering students

D2C Dream Companies to Work for 2021: HUL, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon rises amongst MBA and engineering students

 As the rankings in different levels were unveiled one by one in a digital avatar, D2C Campus Employer Branding Report 2021 especially stood out, garnering every corporate and student's awareness. With Crisil as the knowledge partner, the report reflected a gamut of facts and figures.

H.U.L. and Google were presented with the award of D2C Dream Companies to Work for 2021 in premier 10 B-Schools and premier 30 B-Schools, respectively. In the Engineering domain, Google continued the ideal employer, managing the way alongside Microsoft and Amazon.

Going down to the brass tacks, Dare2Compete Employer Branding Report 2021 sheds light on some surprising revelations beyond multiple domains.

B.C.G. won the day and took first place amongst the most desirable Consulting companies, followed by McKinsey and Bain & Company in premier 10 B-Schools. It came as no wonder that the famous M.B.B. trio - McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Bain & Company took the first three places across premier 30 B-Schools.

In the Banking and Finance sector, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase & Co. retained their crowns in the first and other places across B-Schools. H.U.L. took home the winning trophy in the desirable FMCG/Beverage companies space. I.T.C. gained the second spot, followed by P&G, Nestle, and Coca-Cola in that order across B-Schools. 

Tata Sons dominated the General Management domain, followed by Aditya Birla Group (ABG)Mahindra, and Reliance across Premier 10 B-Schools. In another category of premier 30 B-Schools, the order changed to TATA Sons, Reliance, ABG, and Mahindra

On combining one more feather in its cap, Poornima Pandey, VP Group H.R., 

Extending the legacy of their leading streak Amazon, Flipkart, and Google once again shone like the top 3 Desirable New-Age Recruiters/ Tech-Companies/Startups Technology Companies where students would like to work across B-Schools. The fourth and fifth spots were secured by Microsoft and Udaan, individually, in the premier 10 B-School segments. In premier, 30 B-Schools fourth & fifth spots were taken by Paytm & Myntra, respectively.

Another category that got the limelight was D2C Prestigious B-School & E-School Competitions 2021. With a remarkable sum of 50500 votes, these rankings painted the most perfect picture in terms of students, colleges, and organizing companies' exemplary performance during the year.

Across B-Schools, H.U.L. L.I.M.E. restored its place as the D2C most prestigious B-School competition 2021, followed by Flipkart WiRED. Amazon Customer Excellence Challenge and Google Case Challenge took third and fourth places, respectively. Interestingly, the positions were shuffled in Premier 10 B-Schools with Amazon Customer Excellence Challenge, H.U.L. L.I.M.E., and Asian Paints CANVAS, achieving the top 3 posts, in that order.

Two competitions from L'Oréal - L'Oréal Brandstorm & L'Oréal Sustainability Challenge, also made it in the TOP 20 D2C Prestigious B-School Competitions 2021 (Category - Premier 10 B-Schools).

Google ruled the tally of D2C Prestigious E-school Competitions 2021, with Code Jam winning the title followed by Hash Code. The third, fourth, and fifth places were secured by Microsoft Imagine Cup, Flipkart GRiD, and I.B.M. Hack Challenge

Besides these rankings, D2C Competitive Leaders and D2C Competitive B-Schools and E-Schools stood out as the talking point for many. I.I.F.T. got crowned as the D2C most Competitive B-School 2021, followed by I.I.M. Ahmedabad and I.I.M. BangaloreI.I.T. Madras took home the title of D2C most Competitive E-School 2021.

To understand more about the rankings of this year, published at Dare2Compete Awards 2021, visit https://dare2compete.com/awards/2021 or click here.


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