D2C Sessions for a Cause Initiative , Mastering internship interviews ; Get that dream job!

D2C Sessions for a Cause Initiative , Mastering internship interviews ; Get that dream job!

Sessions for a Cause Initiative

IIM students and Dare2Compete join forces to raise funds for Covid Relief by mentoring students

The second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has played havoc across the country. The resources are drying up and the gap between demand and supply is constantly widening. What India and its people want at this point is immense support, aid, and a beacon of hope. As an infant step to help alleviate the COVID-19 stress and help its victims, Dare2Compete, in an effort to contribute to society, has launched ‘Sessions for a Cause’


These sessions will be conducted on 15th and 16th May at 2 PM on Google Meet by students and alumni of the prestigious B-Schools like IIMs and ISBs. There will be five different sessions each focusing on different aspects ― Mastering Internship Interviews, One-on-One Resume Reviews, Get That Dream Job, Acing Competitions, and Bell The CAT. 


Under this campaign, Dare2Compete will be conducting insightful sessions for B-School and E-School aspirants seeking guidance about their admission process and other hurdles of academic life. With no restrictions on the donation amount, the minimum amount is Rs. 1 and the maximum is limited only by financial means. All proceeds will directly go to Hemkunt Foundation to aid and encourage them to continue doing great work.


Donate and register: https://dare2compete.com/o/sessions-for-a-cause-initiative-dare2compete-163993?refId=sfcedubard


Numerous platforms have come up to help hospitals and their staff to ease down the constant pressure on them but it is just not enough. India is still in desperate need of help from each of its citizens in whatever small ways possible. Getting together to help India is the need of the hour and a tiny step to save lives. Students are requested to come forward and be a part of this initiative striving to save as many lives as possible amidst this global pandemic. Be a part of ‘Sessions for a Cause’ and get a chance to give back to society! 


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