DAIICT | National level online Hackathon- Cicada 3301: Reinvented, Prizes & Goodies worth 57 lakhs

DAIICT | National level online Hackathon- Cicada 3301: Reinvented, Prizes & Goodies worth 57 lakhs

National level online Hackathon- Cicada 3301: Reinvented

Microsoft Student Technical Club DAIICT

28th to 30th May 2021





Microsoft Student Technical Club DAIICT, in collaboration with IEEE MTT-S DAIICT, is organizing Cicada 3301: Reinvented, a 36-hour national level online hackathon, from 28th to 30th May 2021.

This hackathon will be an open invitation for creative minds to indulge in critical thinking, problem-solving, and, most importantly, showcase their capabilities in the development domain. It is set to encourage college students to learn, share, and connect to build better software and programming culture. We look forward to conducting this event with fervor and continuing its legacy of being a fruitful learning experience for young learners.



Hackathon Learning Week:

In addition to the hackathon, we have planned a Hackathon Learning Week starting from 22nd May till 27th May 2021. Well-known speakers from different domains like Blockchain, Cyber Security, Product Management, etc are invited to conduct sessions daily for 60-120 mins.

The main purpose of this learning week is to give students a head start in the hackathon and other domains that they might don’t know about.



Eligibility for Hackathon Learning Week:

  • The sessions are open for all, even for the non-participants of the Hackathon.




The sessions are not just limited to pre-Hackathon. There would be sessions during Hackathon taken up by prestigious speakers like Ms. Angela from Hackathons International. These sessions would be inspirational enough to help generate creative ideas in the minds of students.

The Hackathon itself is an open platform to generate solutions to real-life problems. Whether the participants are able to deliver complete or incomplete solutions, we would always appreciate the efforts of all the participants. So every participant would be rewarded with goodies worth Rs. 28k, no matter if they win or they don’t. Also, there are special track prizes offered by our sponsors, which would be beneficial for students.



Prizes & Goodies: Worth Rs. 57 lakhs.


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