NIT Warangal |Two Weeks Online FDP on Embedded Systems, Apply by 12th August 2022

NIT Warangal |Two Weeks Online FDP on Embedded Systems, Apply by 12th August 2022


NIT Warangal is inviting applications for a Two Weeks Online FDP on Embedded Systems. Interested ones can apply.





  • Introduction to Embedded Systems: Hard, Soft, and Firm Embedded Systems. Characteristics of Embedded Systems.
  • Introduction to Computer Architecture: Details of Von-Neumann, Harvard, Super Harvard, VLIW, Super Scalar, SIMD, tightly coupled, and loosely coupled architectures.
  • Instruction Set Architecture: Instruction Pipeline, Data/Control Hazards, Data Hazard Resolution Techniques, Branch Predictors, Dynamic Instruction Scheduling Techniques.
  • ARM 7: Architecture, Arm/Thumb Modes, Instruction Set, Addressing Mode, Simulation using Keil IDE.
  • Cache Memory Organization: Cache Memory Mapping Techniques, Cache Memory Optimization Techniques, Cache Coherence Protocols.
  • Real-Time Operating System (RTOS): Preemptive/non-preemptive Scheduling, Priority Scheduling, Mutex using Semaphore, Inter-task Communication using FIFO, Priority Inversion, freeRTOS Demonstrations using TIVAC LaunchPAD.
  • Hardware-Software Codesign: Trade-offs, Demo using Zed Board with Xilinx Vivado.
  • Computer Bus Standards: I2C, SPI, UART, and so on.
  • Introduction to IoT: Components of IoT, Protocols, and so on.





The program is open to faculty and Ph.D. students of Engineering Colleges, Degree Colleges, and other allied disciplines in India. Industry personnel working in the concerned /allied discipline can also attend.




Duration of the FDP:

16th – 25th August 2022





Registration Fee:

Faculty and Research Scholars Rs.750/-
Industry Participants Rs.2250/-





How to apply Apply Here

Join WhatsApp Group: Link

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