IIT Kanpur QIP Short Term Course (online) on Data Analytics

IIT Kanpur QIP Short Term Course (online) on Data Analytics

QIP Short Term Course (online) on data Analytics

1-6 March 2021


A short-term course will be held by IIT Kanpur on DATA ANALYTICS from 1-6th March 2021.Each session will be of average 75 mins.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Data Analytics Data Understanding & Preprocessing Review of Probability and Statistics Standard Distributions
Classification and Forecasting Decision Tree Hypothesis testing ANOVA
Neural Networks Classifier Improvement & Evaluation Techniques Linear Regression I Linear Regression II
Customer Lifetime Value Prediction, Churn Prediction Case Study Discussion Building regression model using R and interpretation of the results Heteroskedasticity / Multicollinearity / Model Fit
Clustering / Market Segmentation k-Means algorithm, Hierarchical algorithm Introduction to time-series data Decomposition of time series data into trends, seasonality, cycles, random
Market Basket Analysis Association Rule Mining Moving averages and Exponential smoothing AR / MA / ARIMA - using regression analysis for forecasting

Registration Procedure:

Attendance(min 75%) is mandatory to receive Course Certificate.

1. Faculty from AICTE Institutes coming under QIP program
(maximum 30)
No Registration fees
2. Faculty from private/autonomous Institutions:
Non IITK Faculty
Rs. 10,620/- (Including GST)
3. Student of IITK
IITK Student
Rs. 5,000/- (No GST Required)
4. Student from other Educational Institutions:
Non IITK Student
Rs. 5,900/- (Including GST)
5. Participant from Industry and R&D labs:
Industry Participant
Rs. 14,160/- (Including GST)


Registration for QIP Sponsored Participant

  •  Only faculties from AICTE approved institues will be allowed
  •  Only 30 faculy members are allowed under QIP category
  •  No Registration fee is required


Participants Category
Course Fees + 18% GST
IITK Students need to pay only course FEE
IITK Student (Rs. 5,000/-)
Non IITK Student (Rs. 5,900/-)
Non IITK Faculty (Rs. 10,620/-)
Industry Participant (Rs. 14,160/-)

Group booking for Industry Participants (≧ 10): Rs. 11,800/- per participant (including GST)

How to apply Apply Here

Join WhatsApp Group: Link

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