IIT Kharagpur | STC (Executive Development) on Advanced Technologies in Rock Excavation with special reference to mitigation of safety and environmental issues, Apply Now!

IIT Kharagpur |  STC (Executive Development) on Advanced Technologies in Rock Excavation with special reference to mitigation of safety and environmental issues, Apply Now!


This course is designed to refresh the mining and excavation engineers to advanced and sustainable excavation practices. The industry is currently facing the challenges of deep excavation, limited land availability, and nearness of inhabitancy. This demands stringent safety and environmental requirements. The availability of minerals is also depleting with time. On the other hand, the requirement of minerals and surface, subsurface excavations are increasing steeply. Sustainable mining must be practiced with advanced technologies to cater to the same.

This course is intended to expose Engineers to the current challenges, advanced technologies, and paths to achieve sustainable rock excavation practices. The course will start with the basic knowledge, which professionals, in general, forget due to continuous workings as managers. Unlearn and relearning are essential for any organization's sustainable growth of human resources. Mining Industry is a site-specific industry and rock excavation is challenging and different for each case. The geo-mining and geo-excavation system is varying with terrain conditions, socio-political situation, resource availability, and financial conditions. The optimization of the excavation system can bring the sustainability of the mining system. Optimization can be achieved by grasping the right technology. Therefore, understanding advanced technology is very important.


Course Contents:

This course will include the following broad areas:

  • Understanding Rock/Soil as a medium of Excavation
  •  Advance instrumentation for rock characterization.
  • Advances in rock excavation techniques
  • Advanced mechanized cutting and excavation system.
  • Advances in explosive, accessories, and rock blasting techniques.
  • Safety and human interference in rock blasting
  • Safety requirements in mechanized rock excavation system
  • Advancement in Mining safety and zero accident plan
  • Environmental impact assessment for rock excavation system
  • Advancement in environmental analysis for sustainable rock excavation system
  • Economics of Excavation System



The course will be useful for middle and higher-level executives looking after production, raw material supply, environment, health and safety management in mining, mineral, civil and Construction Industries, Tunneling and underground space construction, and other allied industries. Executives from atomic and rare earth mineral industries, and environment, health and safety consultants, R&D organizations will also be benefitted from this course.


Course Outcomes:

After completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Optimise the rock excavation system
  • Design and execute the blast rounds
  • Design and execute the controlled blasting practice
  • Design the mechanized excavation system
  • Optimise the mechanized excavation system
  • Planning and designing the rock excavation system for any mine
  • Calculate the results of the rock excavation system
  • Calculate the environmental impacts of the rock excavation system
  • Calculate the financial acceptance and profitability of the rock excavation system
  • Design the SOP and SWP for the rock excavation system


Course Structure:

This course will be conducted during August 21-25, 2023 from 09:30 AM to 5:30 PM with lunch and tea breaks at the Seminar Hall of the Department of Mining Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. The program will consist of lectures primarily by the faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. Some lectures will be delivered by experts from industry and governmental agencies. Each session will be followed by an interactive Q&A session. A soft copy of the course materials and Certificate of Participation will be provided to the registered participants. The effectiveness of this course will be evaluated through examinations (short question/MCQ type).


How to send Nominations:

Please email the nomination letter with the names of your nominated participants, designations, valid email addresses, and mobile numbers to the Course Coordinator as early as possible


Course Fee:

The course fee of this non-residential program is Rs. 30,000.00 (Rupees Thirty thousand only) per nominated participant from industries. An additional 18% GST will be levied as per GOI rules. The course fee is payable by electronic money transfer to “CEP STC IIT Kharagpur” to account number 95562200002955 of Canara Bank at Branch SRIC IIT Kharagpur (IFSC Code CNRB0019556). The course fee does not include boarding and lodging charges. IIT Kharagpur is exempted from Income Tax and while sending the course fee no Tax should be deducted. The Tax Exemption Certificate will be provided. Please let us know the complete transaction details with a date after the payment.



Accommodation for the participants is normally booked at the Technology Guest House of lIT, Kharagpur on a prior request and a payment basis. Alternatively, there are local hotels available in the town. However, the accommodation on the campus is considered convenient.



21 August 2023 - 25 August 2023.

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