IIT Roorkee Workshop in Brain-Inspired Computing

IIT Roorkee Workshop in Brain-Inspired Computing

Workshop "Brain-Inspired Computing”

March 24, 2021

Dept. of EEE, The University of Sheffield, UK and Dept. of ECE

 Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee 


Applications are invited to IIT Roorkee for a workshop in "Brain-Inspired Computing" on 24th March 2021.

Modern computers are based on the von Neumann architecture in which computation and storage are physically separated. It has been evaluated that, for many computing tasks, most of the energy and time is consumed in data movement rather than computation. One promising solution is the Brain-inspired architecture that leverages the distributed computing of neurons with localized storage in synapses.

Schedule Details (India times)

• 16:30-16:35 "Welcome note by organizers", Merlyne De Souza, and Sanjeev Manhas The University of Sheffield and IIT Roorkee.

• 6:35-17:00 "Algorithm-circuits-device co-design for neuromorphic edge intelligence", Melika Payvvand, ETH Zurich.

• 17:00-17.30 "Adapting communication delays between neurons: A new type of brain plasticity", Renaud Jolivet, University of Geneva.

• 17.30-18.00 "Self-adaptive and defect tolerant in-memory analogue computing with memristors", Can Li, Hong Kong University.

• 18:00-18.30 “ In situ learning using intrinsic memristor variability”, Damien Querlioz, Université Paris-Saclay, France.

• 18.30-19:00 "In memory hyperdimensional computing", Abbas Rahimi, IBM Zurich.

• 19.00-19:30 "Introduction to NeuroSim: A Benchmark Tool for Compute-in-Memory Accelerator", Shimeng Yu, Georgia Tech, USA.

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