NIT Bhopal | Two-Week Capacity Building Program on Academic Research and Teaching for Young Faculty Members in Social Sciences/Commerce & Management, Apply by 5th December 2023!

NIT Bhopal | Two-Week Capacity Building Program on Academic Research and Teaching for Young Faculty Members in Social Sciences/Commerce & Management, Apply by 5th December 2023!


NIT Bhopal is inviting applications for a Two-Week Capacity Building Program on Academic Research and Teaching for Young Faculty Members in Social Sciences/Commerce & Management. Interested ones can apply.




  • Research Methodology Workshops: These specialized workshops delve into the diverse research methodologies frequently employed in the social sciences, encompassing both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Participants acquire skills for crafting research studies, data collection, analysis, and interpretation of research findings.
  • Publication and Writing Skills: Dedicated training sessions focus on refining academic writing prowess, manuscript preparation, and navigating the publication process. Young faculty members receive guidance on structuring research papers, crafting compelling abstracts, and effectively navigating the publication submission process.
  • Grant Writing and Funding Opportunities: These sessions equip participants with the know-how to craft compelling research grant proposals, securing funding for their research endeavors. The program introduces available funding opportunities within the social sciences and teaches effective techniques for presenting research ideas to potential funding agencies.
  • Research Ethics and Integrity: Discussions underscore the significance of research ethics and integrity, emphasizing responsible research conduct, respecting participants' rights, and steering clear of plagiarism or research misconduct.
  • Data Management and Analysis: Training sessions cover data management techniques and familiarize participants with statistical analysis software typically employed in social sciences research. Participants acquire proficiency in the handling and analysis of research data to extract meaningful insights.
  • Networking and Collaboration: The program provides ample opportunities for participants to connect with established researchers, both within and outside their institution. This fosters the potential for research collaborations and the exchange of valuable knowledge and expertise.




  • Introduction to Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
  • Understanding Theory and Theoretical Contribution, including theory-building
  • Formulation of Research Design
  • Review of Literature
  • Construction of Questionnaires and Scale Development
  • Tools and Procedures for Data Collection and Data Cleaning
  • Descriptive Statistics, Chi-Square Test, and Correspondence Analysis, with a Hands-On SPSS Session
  • Comparative Means: One-Sample, Independent Sample, Paired Sample T-Test, One-Way ANOVA, with SPSS Hands-On Session
  • ANOVA and ANCOVA, with a HandsOn Session
  • Factor Analysis, with a Hands-On SPSS Session
  • Correlation, Partial Correlation, and Regression, with a Hands-On SPSS Session
  • Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, and Reliability Analysis, with a Hands-On SPSS Session
  • Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), with a Hands-On Session
  • Moderation Analysis, with a Hands-On Session
  • Mediation Analysis, with a Hands-On Session
  • Advanced SEM
  • Addressing Common Method Bias in Social Sciences/Commerce/Management Research
  • Emotional Intelligence for Researchers
  • Meta-Analysis
  • Systems Thinking for Researchers
  • Qualitative Research
  • Case Writing
  • Writing Research Proposals for Grants and Funding
  • The Journal Article Writing Process
  • Common Mistakes in Article Writing
  • The Editorial Process and Peer Review
  • Book Writing
  • Ethics in Academic Writing
  • Field Trip and Sightseeing
  • E-Learning Technologies for Effective Research
  • Reference Management Software, with a Hands-On Session
  • Article Clinic



Eligibility Requirements for Participants:

The course welcomes individuals who are currently serving as Lecturers, Assistant Professors, or Young Faculty Members in the field of Social Sciences/Commerce/Management and related disciplines at a UGC-recognized Indian University, Deemed University, College, Institute of National Importance, or ICSSR Research Institutes. Additionally, those who are actively engaged in economic/Management/Commerce and social science research or have plans to embark on such research endeavors are eligible to apply.

This program is also beneficial for individuals interested in pursuing research projects supported by government agencies and other funding organizations.



Registration Fee:

There is no registration fee for the selected participants.



Duration & Venue of the Workshop:

The Workshop will be conducted from 5th January 2024 to 16th January 2024 at the Department of Management Studies, MANIT Bhopal.



Accommodation & Travel Allowance:

Twin-sharing accommodation will be provided to the outstation participants only. Travel allowance by shortest distance (train fare or bus fare only) will be reimbursed to the outstation participants, as per the ICSSR guidelines.

How to apply Apply Here

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