Seagate | Advertisement for the Post of Data Science Intern, Apply ASAP!

Seagate | Advertisement for the Post of Data Science Intern, Apply ASAP!


Seagate is currently accepting applications for the position of Data Science Intern. If you're passionate about data science and eager to gain hands-on experience, we encourage you to apply.


About the role - you will:

  • Assist with implementing end-to-end ML pipelines and deliver scalable production Machine learning services
  • Collaborate with machine learning engineers to build scalable data pipelines and development of new ML models
  • Leverage MLops tools to support ML workflows including experimentation, training, and production operations
  • Design and implement tools and processes for the entire ML Ops including model development, model deployment, model serving, model monitoring, and experimentation
  • Work on multiple streams of analytics which includes Time series, image, and Tabular data
  • Work on building accelerators and ML frameworks


About you:

  • You’re a passionate professional who is up to the challenge of blending the fast-changing technology landscape of Generative AI with the complex and high-impact space of HiTech and Manufacturing analytics
  • Strong appetite for constant learning, thinking out of the box, questioning the problems & solutions with the intent to understand and solve better
  • You’re uncompromisingly detail oriented, well organized with solid time management skills, and you have solid, effective verbal and written communication abilities
  • Ability to motivate people and instill ownership, reliability, teamwork, and commitment in the team
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to develop relationships with different teams and peers in the organization


Your experience includes:

  • Experience with machine learning frameworks tools like sci-kit-learn, TensorFlow, or PyTorch
  • Experience with machine learning lifecycle platforms (Kubeflow, MLflow) and cloud data services (GCP, AWS)
  • Experience in at least one major programming language (e.g. Python, Scala, Java) and SQL (any variant)
  • A collaborative coder, comfortable with Git and code reviews
  • Good Knowledge of data management and data mining architecture'
  • Ability to proactively identify and resolve issues



Pune, India

How to apply Apply Here

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