SONY is hiring for Cloud Solutions Intern; Apply Now!

SONY is hiring for Cloud Solutions Intern; Apply Now!


Interns are invited for the Cloud Solutions Internship offered by Sony Research India.



Essential Education:

  • Bachelors or Masters degree from Computer Science background.



Must-Have Skills:

  • Experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Proficient with one of the following programming languages, and having some idea about the rest: Python, Node.js, Java
  • Experience with Networking fundamentals, Security, Databases (Relational and/or NoSQL), Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, and/or Windows)
  • Have a good idea about the DevOps cycle and its practical implementation.
  • Should be able to offer solutions to any bottlenecks/system designs shared.



Preferred Qualifications / Experience:

  • Having experience with implementing a highly scalable and great performance-based cloud-based technology solution while working for a company.
  • Experience with the following areas: serverless architecture, micro-services, and micro-functions, cloud databases such as Dynamo Db, cloud monitoring and logging, event-based notification services.
  • Experience in writing suitable test cases and integrating Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment.




Work Location:

  • Remote/ Bangalore, India




  • 6 months starting August first week
  • 9:30 to 18:00 (Monday to Friday) fulltime



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