VIT Vellore | IGSTC WORKSHOP WSM 2022, Apply Now

VIT Vellore | IGSTC WORKSHOP WSM 2022, Apply Now


VIT Vellore is organizing an IGSTC WORKSHOP WSM 2022, Interested candidates can apply.

The Indo-German Science & Technology Centre (STC) is established to facilitate Indo-German R&D networking through substantive interactions among government, academia/research system, and industries, thus forecasting innovation for economic and societal developments in both countries.





Similar/Dissimilar Materials Welding of Automotive & AeroSpace Sector(2022): This bilateral Indo - German workshop provides an ideal platform to discuss the challenges in the similar/dissimilar welding of superalloys, special steels, composite and polymers widely used in the automotive, aerospace, and allied sectors. The workshop will also address the novel, latest technologies for characterizing the weld joints. This workshop will allow the audience to identify work on multi-disciplinary research areas.




Mission and Vision:

  • Advance industrial research partnership with mutuality of interest and respect
  • Develop knowledge networks for industrial sectors to enhance competitiveness
  • Establish joint knowledge pools to address global challenges
  • Serve as a nerve center to promote Indo-German technology partnership





22-24 September 2022,Thursday - Saturday || 9:00 AM IST




How to apply Apply Here

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