ATAL | NIT Kurukshetra FDP on "Electrical Distribution System Analysis with Renewable Energy Sources"

ATAL | NIT Kurukshetra FDP on "Electrical Distribution System Analysis with Renewable Energy Sources"


  • The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra is organizing a FREE ATAL FDP for five days on "Electrical Distribution System Analysis with Renewable Energy Sources (EDSARES-2021)".
  • The workshop also focuses on the recent developments in Electric Vehicles and related control circuitry.



Date of Workshop:

  • July 12-16, 2021




  • Imparting the concepts of the smart distribution systems and key challenges and issues.
  • To study the role of distribution system analysis in the future smart grid
  • Exploring different aspects of penetration of renewable energy resources and flexible reserves along with EVs.
  • Roadmap for higher EV penetration and its impact on the power system – Challenges and Mitigation Measure.
  • To identify the thrust of Research and Innovation in smart distribution systems energy management.
  • To share the advanced techniques for analysis and operation of the smart distribution systems.
  • Short-term Scheduling of Future Distribution Network with Penetration of Electric Vehicles.
  • Short-Term Prediction of Solar Power, Wind Energy, and other Renewable based Distributed Energy Resources.
  • Virtual Synchronous Generator Concept for improving the resiliency in Renewable Energy Sources integration.
  • Recent Trend of Smart Grid



Who can Participate:

  • The faculty members of AICTE approved Institutions, Universities, Research Scholars;
  • Participants from Government, Industry (Bureaucrats/ Technicians/Industry experts, etc.)
  • Staff from the host institution.


Registration Cost:

  • There is no registration fee for any participants.


Certification Criteria:

  • A test shall be conducted at the end of the program.
  • The certificates shall be issued to those participants who have attended the program with a minimum of 80% attendance and scored a minimum of 60% marks on the test.



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