Post by : Nandita Singh

VIT Workshop "Data Science and Advanced Computing" Last date-None

Indo-German SPARC Workshop "Recent Advances in Machine Translation” Last date-March 13, 2021

NIT Silchar FDP "Recent Advances of NLP using Deep Learning” Last date-March 6, 2021

Operations Internship at Delhi Government Last date-None

IITK Workshop "Transport in Nanoelectronics" Last date-None

Intern at Intel Last date-None

MNNIT Allahabad Workshop on "Technologies Behind Smart City: An IoT Perspective" Last date-March 15, 2021

NIT Raipur STTP "Advances in Mechanical, Industrial Engineering & Management" Last date-March 5, 2021

NIT Raipur Certificate Course - GIS and AutoCAD Last date-None

Software Engineering Intern [Summer 2021] at Google Last date-March 28, 2021

Technical Engineer Intern at Synopsys Last date-None

IIT Indore Workshop "Mathematical Optimization & Applications". Last date-March 2, 2021

NITJ "Technovation -2021" Last date-Feb. 28, 2021

Invention Factory IIT Gandhinagar, Summer 2021, Apply Now Last date-March 20, 2021

NITU FDP "Next Generation Computing And Networking" Last date-None

IITK Workshop "Corrosion Failure and Protection of Engineering Materials" Last date-None

IITK Workshop "Quantitative Approaches to Decision Making" Last date-None

NITT Workshop on " Modelling and Simulation Tools in Electrical Engineering" Last date-None

NIT Warangal FDP "Machine Learning with Python" Last date-April 10, 2021

MANIT Bhopal Online Workshop "Information Security- Current Trends and Future Perspectives” Last date-March 8, 2021

IIT Delhi Workshop "Fifth Brain Mapping & Artificial Intelligence" Last date-None

NIT Warangal FDP "Machine Learning & Deep Learning" Last date-March 28, 2021

IISER Pune Workshop on "Big Data in Life Sciences and Healthcare" Last date-March 2, 2021

IIM Banglore (MGNF) Mahatma Gandhi National Fellowship Last date-None

NITK Seminar On ‘Incensed To Fill’ - Engineered Landfills Last date-None

Mastercard Software Engineer Last date-None

Internshala - Software Development Engineer Last date-None

AlefEdge Developer Hiring Challenge Last date-March 7, 2021

Neustar Associate Data Analytics Last date-None

NIT Silchar FDP Workshop "Nonlinear Systems: Modelling & Control" [FREE] Last date-Feb. 25, 2021

MINDTREE is HIRING Service Desk Analyst Last date-None

IIT Jodhpur Recruitment for Non-teaching positions. Last date-March 10, 2021

IIT Kanpur International Conference "Advances In Robotics" Last date-May 10, 2021

IIT Roorkee National Webinar Progressions in Soil Conservation Service Curve Number Methodology Last date-None

Tata CLiQ Backend Engineer Hiring Challenge Last date-Feb. 21, 2021

MANIT Bhopal Workshop on "Statistical and Machine Learning Techniques for Analytical Research" Last date-None

MANIT Bhopal - Invitation for Startups Last date-Feb. 27, 2021

SVNIT Surat Workshop "Scientific Tools for Theoretical Science" Last date-Feb. 15, 2021

NITS - FDP "Outcome-Based Education and Accreditation" Last date-Feb. 20, 2021

MANIT BHOPAL e-Workshop On "Gender Equity and Right for Women" [FREE] Last date-Feb. 22, 2021

FREE: MANIT Bhopal - Workshop "Application of Artificial Intelligence and IoT in Civil Engineering" Last date-March 22, 2021

IIT Guwahati Workshop "Fracture Mechanics and its Applications in Laminated Composites".FREE! Last date-Feb. 21, 2021

NIT Warangal FDP "Teaching & Learning of Green Chemistry" Last date-Feb. 22, 2021

SVNIT Online Workshop on Research Methodology: Tools and Techniques [Limited Seats] Last date-March 1, 2021

NIT Uttrakhand - Workshop on "Sustainable Composites: Processing, Characterization & Applications” Last date-Feb. 20, 2021

IIITD Cnf. on "Sustainable Societies, Ecological System and Economic Development" Last date-Oct. 15, 2021

NITK - Two Days Online Workshop on “Fundamentals of Intellectual Property” (FI P - 2021) Last date-Feb. 16, 2021

NIT Srinagar - Online Workshop on “Advances in Structural Engineering and Materials” Last date-Feb. 10, 2021

IIT (BHU) - e-STC on Computer-Aided Drug Design and Protein Analysis Last date-Feb. 10, 2021

SVNIT - STTP On Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Forensics (CIDF-2021) Last date-Feb. 22, 2021

IIT Indore - QIP Course on Matrix Computations and its application to systems, signal, and control problems. Last date-None

MNNIT Allahabad - Online Workshop-training program On "Understanding Deep Learning" Last date-March 5, 2021

DCCC, IISc Bengaluru - Training on Glacier Studies and Remote Sensing [Registration FREE] Last date-March 1, 2021

SVNIT - Online Course on "Advances in Control Systems Engineering and Applications" Last date-Feb. 20, 2021

NITTTR Chandigarh - One Week Workshop On "IoT and Artificial Intelligence". Last date-None

NITT - Workshop on “Recent Trends on Metamaterial Antennas for Wireless Applications and Deep Learning Techniques” Last date-Feb. 12, 2021

Science, Technology and Innovation Talks (STIN 2021) [Limited Participants] Last date-Feb. 10, 2021

NIT-AP - Virtual Workshop On "Recent Research Trends in Literature". [Limited Registration] Last date-Feb. 22, 2021

NIT Durgapur - Post Doctoral Applications Invited. Last date-Feb. 12, 2021

IIT Bhilai invites for a Virtual Symposium on "Recent Trends In Chemical Science". [FREE] Last date-None

SVNIT, Surat - Online Course on "Advancement in Electric vehicle Technology". Last date-Feb. 8, 2021

NIT TIRUCHIRAPPALLI - Workshop on "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Techniques for Data Analytics" Last date-Feb. 13, 2021

IIT (BHU) - Course On "Mechanics of Advanced Composite Materials"[FREE] Last date-Feb. 5, 2021

IIT Roorkee - Post Doctoral Fellowship Position Last date-Feb. 10, 2021

MNIT Jaipur - Project Fellow/JRF Last date-Feb. 2, 2021