Couchbase | Application for Software Engineer, Apply now

Couchbase | Application for Software Engineer, Apply now

Overview :

Couchbase is looking for roles under R&D for Software engineers.

One will be part of a team working on hard problems, including Cloud DBaaS, Serverless Databases, distributed caching, distributed key-value and document data stores, data replication & conflict resolution, scale-out fault tolerance, and data-layer reliability.





Requirements :

  • Experience in working with languages like Go, Java, and Python and You can hack in C, C++ as well
  • (0-2)- years of experience only.
  • Education: BE, B-Tech, M-Tech with strong Computer Science Fundamentals
  • You’re a good communicator and an excellent team player
  • You like working in organizations that strive to have a good balance between doing it right and moving quickly





Responsibilities :

  • Work on the world’s best-distributed database server infrastructure and best database as a service (DBaaS), including serverless database as a service which companies rely on for mission-critical OLTP needs
  • Design, implement, test, troubleshoot & support needle-mover capabilities across server, mobile, SDKs, cloud, and SDET (DBaaS & Serverless) with simplicity, elegance, and economy
  • Think quality; think leverage. Develop high-quality software and use unit, component, and end-to-end automation tests so we know we have high-quality software





Goods to have :

  • You might even have some real-world functional programming experience
  • You’re particular about your toolset because you have it set up just how you like it and when you’re at your best you’re insanely productive




Location :




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