FOSSEE | IIT Bombay is organizing an Online Job Fair, Apply by June 17th, 2021

FOSSEE | IIT Bombay is organizing an Online Job Fair, Apply by June 17th, 2021


The FOSSEE (Free/Libre and Open Source Software for Education) project at IIT Bombay is organizing an online job fair. This job fair will bring employers, working professionals, and entry-level talented individuals across India under one roof. They strongly believe that this job fair will connect you with prospective employers who can give a kick start to your career.



How to participate?

  • This job fair is open ONLY for the students who have contributed to the FOSSEE activities.
  • The details of the activities to contribute can be found here.
  • Those who have not contributed anything to FOSSEE need not worry - there will be such job fairs in the future also.




  • Students who are NOT in their final year may be considered for internships depending on the hiring policies of the employer.


Terms & Conditions:

  1. This value-added activity is provided free of cost by the FOSSEE project.
  2. Those who have contributed to the FOSSEE activities will be shortlisted using criteria, such as completeness, correctness, and overall quality, and forwarded to companies participating in the Job Fair. FOSSEE's selection procedure is final.
  3. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the FOSSEE team for their willingness to participate in the Job Fair. Those who are interested can join the Job Fair.
  4. The FOSSEE team will be involved only in the organization of this job fair. The job selection procedures will be as per the company’s hiring policies.



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