Hackbyte Hackathon to be held between 7th - 9th April, 2023.


Hackbyte is the annual hackathon of IIIT Jabalpur taking place from 7th to 9th April and is organized by The Programming Club (TPC) run by students of our institute. This will bring together developers and problem solvers from diverse backgrounds to collaborate on innovative projects. The event offers a unique and challenging learning experience for participants, providing them the opportunity to work with the latest technologies and expand their skills with a prize pool of ₹400,000+.


Opportunities for Participants:

HackByte is open to all individuals, including students, developers, and problem solvers from diverse backgrounds. The event is designed to be inclusive, and we welcome participation from individuals of all skill levels. The hackathon will be held in both online and offline modes, providing flexibility and accessibility for all participants, regardless of location. Participants will have the opportunity to work on projects in teams, and the best projects will be awarded prizes, including domain-specific prizes. In addition to the hackathon, we will be hosting workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry professionals and developer communities from around the world.

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Replit is expected to host sessions on collaborative coding and creating interactive web applications using their platform. Solana is helping on building decentralized applications on their blockchain, with a focus on scalability and performance. Devfolio is conducting workshops on building and deploying applications on the blockchain, as well as provide mentorship and resources for participants throughout the hackathon on April 1st. Overall, it promises to be an exciting opportunity for developers to learn new skills, collaborate with others, and potentially win prizes and recognition for their projects.


On 7th April,2023 6 PM, HACKBYTE Opening Ceremony will take place, and the Problem statement will be released. The HACKBYTE Opening Ceremony is an exciting event that marks the start of the hackathon, where participants will be given the opportunity to learn more about the event, network with fellow developers, and gain insights into the problem statement that will be released. This year's problem statement promises to be a challenging yet rewarding one, aimed at pushing participants to their limits and encouraging them to think outside the box to develop innovative solutions. With a diverse range of participants from different backgrounds and skill levels, the hackathon is sure to be an engaging and fulfilling experience for all involved.


On 8th April,2023 3:00PM, we have the API 101 Postman session is a workshop that aims to introduce participants to the basics of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and how to use Postman, a popular API testing tool. The event will cover the fundamentals of APIs, including their purpose, structure, and functionality. Participants will also learn how to use Postman to interact with APIs, including making requests, testing responses, and debugging errors. The workshop will be led by experienced API developers and Postman experts, who will provide hands-on guidance and practical exercises for participants to apply their new skills.

We also have a mini entrepreneurial event where you can pitch your project and market it conducted by IIITDMJ’s E-cell.


On 9th April,2023 6:00PM, The Facebook Developer Club session is an event that aims to bring together developers and enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about Facebook's developer tools and services. The session will cover a range of topics, including building applications on the Facebook platform, integrating with Facebook APIs, and using Facebook's developer tools and resources. The event will be led by experienced Facebook developers, who will share their insights and experiences working with the platform. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, network with fellow developers, and gain a deeper understanding of how Facebook's developer tools can be leveraged to create innovative applications.


The HACKBYTE Closing Ceremony is the final event of the hackathon, where participants will have the opportunity to showcase their projects, network with other developers, and potentially win prizes and recognition for their work. The event will feature presentations from the top teams, who will demonstrate their projects and explain the solutions they developed to address the problem statement.

Finally, the results will be announced on 15th April,2023.

With so many unique and engaging events to attend, there's something for everyone at Hackbyte. We hope to see you all at Hackbyte.






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