IIT Guwahati free course on Computer Vision and Image Processing by SWAYAM

IIT Guwahati free course on Computer Vision and Image Processing by SWAYAM



IIT Guwahati launches the online course on the Computer Vision and Image Processing Fundamentals and Applicationsby on the online platform Swayam. This course is By Prof. M. K. Bhuyan. This is a 12-week online course starting from the 18th January 2021.



The following topics will be covered in this online course,

  • Introduction to Computer Vision and Basic Concepts of Image Formation: Introduction and Goals of Computer Vision and Image Processing, Image Formation Concepts.
  • Fundamental Concepts of Image Formation: Radiometry, Geometric Transformations, Geometric Camera Models.
  • Fundamental Concepts of Image Formation: Camera Calibration, Image Formation in a Stereo Vision Setup, Image Reconstruction from a Series of Projections.
  • Image Processing Concepts: Image Transforms.
  • Image Processing Concepts: Image Transforms, Image Enhancement.
  • Image Processing Concepts: Image Filtering, Colour Image Processing,  Image Segmentation
  • Image Descriptors and Features: Texture Descriptors, Colour Features, Edges/Boundaries.
  • Image Descriptors and Features: Object Boundary and Shape Representations.
  • Image Descriptors and Features: Interest or Corner Point Detectors, Histogram of Oriented Gradients, Scale Invariant Feature Transform, Speeded up Robust Features, Saliency
  • Fundamentals of Machine Learning: Linear Regression, Basic Concepts of Decision Functions, Elementary Statistical Decision Theory, Parameter Estimation, Clustering for Knowledge Representation, Dimension Reduction, Linear Discriminant Analysis.
  • Applications of Computer Vision: Artificial Neural Network for Pattern Classification, Convolutional Neural Networks, Autoencoder, Machine Learning Algorithms, and Their Applications in Image Segmentation.
  • Applications of Computer Vision: Motion Estimation and Object Tracking, Gesture Recognition, Face and Facial Expression Recognition, Image Fusion.



The following candidates can apply for this course on computer vision,

  • UG,
  • PG
  • Ph.D students.



 Basic co-ordinate geometry, matrix algebra, linear algebra and random process.


Last date

The last date for enrolment in this course is 25 Jan 2021

How to apply Apply Here

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