IIT Kanpur | Applications for Power Sector Regulation: Theory and Practice, Apply Now!

IIT Kanpur | Applications for Power Sector Regulation: Theory and Practice, Apply Now!


IIT Kanpur is inviting applications for Power Sector Regulation: Theory and Practice. Interested ones can apply.




Program Duration: 

About 25 hours




Relevance of the Program:

  • Fundamental and applied to learn the regulatory process
  • Comprehend the legal and policy development toward power sector reforms
  • Address the present and emerging challenges related to the regulatory framework in the power sector
  • Understand the relevance of competition in the power sector
  • Opportunity to learn best practices from National and International experts




Key Topics:

  • Power Sectors Reforms
  • Electricity Act 2003, NEP, Tariff policy
  • Economics of Regulation
  • Pricing and Regulation of Natural Monopoly
  • Tariff Determination of Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Competition in Power Sector
  • Efficiency Measurement and Bench Marking
  • Tariff: Legal and Commercial Aspects
  • Regulatory Framework and its Evolution
  • Emerging Regulatory Challenges





  • Conceptual understanding of power sector regulation from economic, legal, and regulatory perspectives.
  • Understanding the legal and commercial aspects of tariff and its determination for Generation, Transmission, and Distribution.
  • Developing the ability to understand the emerging policy and regulatory issues in the power sector.




Who should apply:

  • An official from Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Generating Companies, Licensees (Transmission, Distribution, and Trading), Financial Institutions, Consultants, Investors
  • Faculty, Researchers, and Students from Academic Institutions, Consumer Organisations, NGOs, and other stakeholders who want to enhance their understanding of this multi-disciplinary area.




Award of certificate:

  • Assessment based on Completion of online content,
  • Participation in online discussions,
  • Performance in Lecture Quizzes
  • End of Module Exam
  • Award of Certificate




How to apply Apply Here

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