NIT Andhra Pradesh | Applications for ideathon, Apply by 9th March 2024!

NIT Andhra Pradesh | Applications for ideathon, Apply by 9th March 2024!


NIT Andhra Pradesh is inviting applications for the ideathon conducted by Innovation and Entrepreneurship Cell in collaboration with Institute Innovation Council. Interested ones can apply.




  • It is an event where people express ideas to solve daily life challenges.

  • Participants work individually to develop innovative proposals.

  • Ideathon covers diverse topics like technology, social issues, and sustainability.

  • Ideas are presented to a panel of judges for evaluation and feedback.



Rules & Guidelines:

  • Only NIT Andhra Pradesh students are allowed.

  • Participants are required to submit their presentations individually. Team submissions are not allowed.

  • Each person can submit up to 2 ideas.

  • Participants must prepare a PowerPoint presentation consisting of Max 15 slides.

  • The last date for participation intimation/filling form with a rough idea PPT is 9th March.

  • You will have time till 13th March to finalize your ppt for presentation.

  • Presentations are limited to a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

  • The problem statement can pertain to any field or topic.

  • The decision made by the panel will be the final.



Suggested PPT Contents:

  • Problem Statement: Clearly define the challenge or problem that needs addressing.

  • Proposed Solution: Present your innovative solution to tackle the problem statement.

  • Flowchart: Illustrate the workflow or process of your proposed solution using a flowchart.

  • Technical Requirements: Specify the technology stack or resources needed for implementation.

  • Future Scope: Discuss potential future development or expansions of your solution beyond the initial ideathon.

  • References: Provide any sources or references that influenced your solution.

Each section should be concise and visually appealing, with bullet points or brief descriptions to convey the key points effectively.  You can use appropriate images, icons, or diagrams to enhance understanding and engagement.



Prizes & Certificates:

  • All the winners will receive mementos and attractive prizes.

  • The top innovative ideas will be forwarded for funding from the institution.

  • Every participant will be given a participation certificate.




  • Registration Closes: 9th March 2024

  • Presentation: 13th/14th March 2024

  • Results: 16th March 2024


How to apply Apply Here

Join WhatsApp Group: Link

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