IIT Kanpur | Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Complex Fluids, Apply 25 July 2023.

IIT Kanpur | Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Complex Fluids, Apply 25 July 2023.


IIT Kanpur is organizing a course in Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Complex Fluids.

The program comprises of a series of lectures tailor-made to cover with sufficient focus the fundamentals and real-world applications of complex fluids and interfacial science.



  • Basic concepts of colloids & interfaces

  • Introduction to polymers and fundamentals of polymer science

  • Engineering Polymer processing methods

  • Introduction to relevant experimental techniques



Day 1: 27 July 2023 (Thursday)

  • Basic concepts of colloids and interfaces

  • Stability of colloidal suspensions and emulsions (DLVO Theory)

  • Interfacial tension and its measurements (sessile and pendant droplet method, Wilhelmy plate and Du Noüy ring, spinning drop method)

  • Marangoni flows and its applications 

Day 2: 28 July 2023 (Friday)

  • Multi-phase flows

  • Introduction and applications of polymers

  • Structure of polymer chains and measurement techniques (X-ray and light scattering)

  • Thermodynamics of polymer solutions

  • Dynamics of polymer chains

Day 3: 29 July 2023 (Saturday)

  • Rheology of polymer solutions and melts

  • Polymer Processing (extrusion, coating, calendar, fiber spinning)

  • non-Newtonian flow models (Power law, Carreau, Maxwell, CEF)

  • Introduction to polymer (nano) composites and bio-polymers (proteins, DNA, RNA) 


Registration Procedure:

Registration Fee :

The registration fee (course fees + 18%GST) are as follows:

  • Faculty:  INR 5900
  • Students:  INR 3540
  • Industry/R&D Personnel: INR 7080


How to Register:

Step 1: Make category-wise payments through SBI collect. Click here for instructions on payment procedure (or)
see https://www.iitk.ac.in/cce/sbi-collect/

Details to be filled while payment:
Course Code: IITK/CCE/2023-24/030
Course Title: Fundamental and Practical Applications of Complex Fluids
Course Duration: 27.07.2023 - 29.07.2023

Step 2: Fill up the Google Form to complete your registration latest by 25 Jul 2023


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