IIT Kanpur | Summer School on Hydrodynamic Instabilities: Theory and Practice

IIT Kanpur | Summer School on Hydrodynamic Instabilities: Theory and Practice


IIT Kanpur is inviting applications for Summer School on Hydrodynamic Instabilities: Theory and Practice from 17th-21st July 2023. Interested candidates can apply ASAP.

This summer course aims to introduce the participants to the concepts, methods, and tools of hydrodynamic stability and will prepare them to successfully tackle problems in this area using both analytical and computational techniques. After completing the course, the participants should be able to critically read and understand research papers related to hydrodynamic stability in leading journals of fluid mechanics. 



Course Outlines:

  • Introduction to linear stability analysis
  • Classical hydrodynamic instabilities including Kelvin-Helmholtz, Rayleigh-Plateau instabilties
  • Stability of rectilinear shear flows: The Orr-Sommerfeld and Rayleigh equations
  • Nonmodal stability and transient growth
  • Non-linear evolution equation in the long-wave limit
  • Convective and absolute instabilities
  • Introduction to Mathematica for symbolic and numerical calculations
  • Introduction to the spectral collocation technique




The target audience is students who are doing their Masters or Ph.D. in the area of instability and transition, researchers from academia, and also researchers from scientific and industrial research laboratories who are interested in using the concepts and tools of hydrodynamic stability in their research.



How to register?


Step 1: Make category-wise payments through SBI collect. Click here for instructions on payment procedure (or)  see https://www.iitk.ac.in/cce/sbi-collect/

Details to be filled while payment:

  • Course Code: IITK/CCE/23-24/025
  • Course Title: Hydrodynamic Instabilities: Theory and Practice
  • Course Duration: 17.07.2023 - 21.07.2023


Step 2: Fill up the Google Form to complete your registration latest by 10 Jul 2023



How to apply Apply Here

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