IIT Kharagpur FREE course on the Compiler Design

IIT Kharagpur FREE course on the Compiler Design

Compiler Design
IIT Kharagpur


IIT Kharagpur has launched the free course on Compiler Design by the online platform SWAYAM. This is a 12-week online course and will start from the 18th of Jan 2021. The certificate is also included but for the certificate, you need to pass an exam after paying the exam fee.



The following topics will be covered in this course,

  •  Introduction
  • Lexical Analysis
  • Parsing – Part I
  • Parsing – Part II
  • Parsing – Part III
  • Syntax Directed Translation
  • Type Checking and Symbol Tables
  • Runtime Environment Management – Part I 
  •  Runtime Environment Management – Part II 
  • Intermediate Code Generation – Part I
  • Intermediate Code Generation – Part II
  • Intermediate Code Generation – Part III



Anyone with no prior knowledge can apply for this course.



Undergraduate students of CSE, IT, B.Sc (Computer Science), MCA, MS (Computer Science)

How to apply Apply Here

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