NIT Patna | FREE ATAL FDP on Soft Computing Techniques and their Applications, Apply by June 25th, 2021

NIT Patna | FREE ATAL FDP on Soft Computing Techniques and their Applications, Apply by June 25th, 2021


  • National Institute of Technology Patna (NITP) is organizing a FREE ATAL FDP for five days on “Soft Computing Techniques and their Applications in Electrical Engineering”.
  • This program is going to be conducted in online mode by the faculty members by NIT Patna in association with the AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy and every one India Council for Technical Education New Delhi.
  • This FDP will provide a platform for learning Soft Computing and Optimization algorithms with their application within the EE domain.



Date of Workshop:

  • 28th June– 2nd July 2021



  • Introduction to various Soft Computing Techniques
  • Soft computing application to power system operation and control
  • Maximum power peak detection of PV panel using evolutionary algorithms.
  • Harmonic search algorithm based MPPT of a solar PV system.
  • Intelligent Maximum Power Extraction Control for Wind Energy
  • Process control using soft computing
  • Soft Computing in Green and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Active & reactive power management in present scenarios
  • Application of artificial intelligence in robotics.
  • Optimization Methods to Plan the Charging of Electric Vehicle
  • Industries based controller application & automation
  • Soft Computing for Smart Homes and Cities 
  • Application of Fuzzy Logic in Control of Electrical Machines



Who can Participate:

  • The faculty members of AICTE approved Institutions, Universities, Research Scholars;
  • Participants from Government, Industry (Bureaucrats/ Technicians/Industry experts, etc.)
  • Staff from the host institution.


Registration Cost:

  • There is no registration fee for any participants.



Certification Criteria:

  • A test shall be conducted at the end of the program.
  • The certificates shall be issued to those participants who have attended the program with a minimum of 80% attendance and scored a minimum of 60% marks on the test.



Important Dates:

  • Receipt of applications (Online): 26th June 2021
  • Information to the selected candidates: 27th June 2021
  • FDP duration: 28th June –2nd July 2021.
  • Last date to apply: 25th June 2021


How to apply Apply Here

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