Quizzing Marathon | Quiz-a-thon 6.0 presented by Reliance, Register by Nov. 6th, 2021-Dare2Compete

Quizzing Marathon | Quiz-a-thon 6.0 presented by Reliance, Register by Nov. 6th, 2021-Dare2Compete


Reliance Quiz-a-thon in its sixth edition has become bigger and better! The competition commenced on the 21st of August 2021 and will continue till the 8th of November 2021.

Get ready to test your knowledge about the world around you. Reliance India Limited’s Quiz-a-thon 6.0 is a unique quizzing marathon with multiple Online Quizzes. The Reliance Quiz is one of the most exciting and unique ways to see how well you know the industries, or sports, and even the world around you. And the exciting part is that the widespread registration duration of Quiz-a-thon 6.0 gives flexibility to the participants to sign up over the entire course.


The online Quiz-a-thon hunt can be accessed from any point where the candidate has internet access to make sure that no one gets left out from entering this activity. Also, there is no registration fee, there are no extra charges for taking part in this incredible competition. Each quiz will focus on a new and exciting theme with winners being declared every fortnight. Participants will get a chance to win exciting prizes worth INR 2,80,000, that can be used across all retail format stores. The competition is open for students from all B-School and Engineering colleges in India. Students pursuing their graduation and post-graduation are eligible for the seven different quizzes under Reliance Quiz-a-thon 6.0. 


The first winner from each of the seven quizzes will get a gift voucher worth INR 10,000. The first runners-up from each quiz will receive a gift voucher worth INR 6,000. The second runners-up from each quiz will be awarded a gift voucher worth INR 4,000. Online participation certificates will be issued to each student for each quiz they attempt. Winners, runners-up, and second runners-up from B-Schools as well as from Engineering colleges will be declared separately. 



The seven different quizzes:

  • At the beginning of the competition will see 'The Indian Quiz', which is the first stage. The theme centers around our dynamic and diverse country.
  • The second quiz will test your knowledge on the topics related to sustainability and is called 'The Sustainability Quiz'.
  • The third quiz is 'The Sports Quiz', this will certainly test your knowledge of sports and culture.
  • The fourth quiz is that of 'The Retail Quiz', which will test your knowledge of the booming retail industry. 
  • The fifth one is 'The Reliance Quiz' which will be in a talent hunt format to check your knowledge of companies owned by Reliance and their leaders.
  • The sixth stage is 'The Entrepreneurship Quiz' to test your knowledge of the entrepreneurship domain.
  • Last but not least is 'The Brand Quiz' that will make you decode questions based on brand names.




Deadlines Important dates
Registration Deadline 08 November 2021, 06:30 PM IST 
The Indian Quiz  21 August 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The Sustainability Quiz 04 September 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The Sports Quiz  18 September 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The Retail Quiz 04 October 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The  Entrepreneurship Quiz 23 October 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The Brand Quiz 06 November 2021, 06:30 PM IST
The Reliance Quiz 08 November 2021, 06:30 PM IST



Assessment guidelines and instructions:

The assessment duration will be 30 minutes. The total number of questions to be answered within the stipulated time is 20. The participants can attempt the assessment anytime between the provided assessment window. The assessment page would be accessible from the opportunity page (where the participants will register). A button will appear for each round if the student has registered. Only the registered students will be able to take the assessment, in case of team registration, the team leader will take the assessment. Each participant will be ranked on the basis of their accuracy and speed. Answers/codes/solutions are to be submitted individually. Modification of answers during the assessment is a sure thing. Any participant resorting to unfair means will directly be disqualified from the challenge. All the decisions regarding the eligibility, authenticity and final judgment will be of Dare2Compete and the opportunity organizer. 

There would be no negative marking. All registered teams can play the quiz. An individual can be a part of the top 3 prizes for a maximum of 2 quizzes across Reliance-Quiz-a-thon. 



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