Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design - University of Colorado Boulder

Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design - University of Colorado Boulder

Embedding Sensors and Motors Specialization

Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design

University of Colorado Boulder 


The University of Colorado Boulder has invited application for the online course on Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design This course is available on the Coursera Platform and anyone with the relevant interested can enroll in this online course by the Coursera, This is Advanced level course and approx 32 Hours will take to complete this course.



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You will learn

The following skills you will learn in this online course on the Sensors and Sensor Circuit Design at the University of Colorado Boulder

  • Understand how to specify the proper thermal, flow, or rotary sensor for taking real-time process data. 
  • Implement thermal sensors into an embedded system in both hardware and software.
  • Add the sensor and sensor interface into a microprocessor-based development kit.
  • Create hardware and firmware to process sensor signals and feed data to a microprocessor for further evaluation.
  • Study sensor signal noise and apply proper hardware techniques to reduce it to acceptable levels.


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The following instructor will take the lecture in this online course,

  • James Zweighaft, Instructor University of Colorado Boulder
  • Jay Mendelson, Instructor, University of Colorado Boulder



The following topics gonna cover in this online course,

  • Thermal Sensors
  • Sensor Development Kit and Prototyping
  • Rotary and Flow Sensors
  • Amplifiers and Sensor Noise
  • Course Project


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  • Shareable Certificate
  • Earn a Certificate upon completion
  • 100% online
  • Course 1 of 4 in the
  • Advanced Level
  • Approx. 32 hours to complete
  • English


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