Uttarakhand Open University, [FREE] course "Introduction to Cyber Security"

Uttarakhand Open University, [FREE] course "Introduction to Cyber Security"


Uttarakhand Open University, Haldwani, starts a new course, "Introduction to Cyber Security," from 15th February till 30th April. This foundation program is geared towards generating and enhancing awareness about cybersecurity challenges and the concepts of cybersecurity and cyber ethics among the stakeholders to help them become responsible cyber citizens and participate safely and securely in the rapidly evolving information-age society. 




  • Undergraduates from Computer Science and Engineering can apply.




  • Standard XII in the Science stream 




  • Week1: Introduction to Cyber Space
  • Week 2: Choosing the Best Browser according to the requirement and email security
  • Week 3: Guidelines for secure password and wi-fi security
  • Week 4: Guidelines for social media and basic Windows security
  • Week 5: Smartphone security guidelines
  • Week 6: Cyber Security Initiatives in India
  • Week 7: Online Banking, Credit Card, and UPI Security
  • Week 8: Micro ATM, e-wallet, and POS Security
  • Week 9: Social Engineering
  • Week 10: Cyber Security Threat Landscape and Techniques
  • Week 11: IT Security Act and Misc. Topics
  • Week 12: Information Destroying and Recovery Tools


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