ATAL | BIT Mesra Ranchi: e- FDP on Quantum Computing, Apply by June 15th, 2021

ATAL | BIT Mesra Ranchi: e- FDP on Quantum Computing, Apply by June 15th, 2021


  • The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, Ranchi is organizing a FREE ATAL FDP for five days on "Quantum Computing".
  • Quantum Computing is an area of computing focused on developing computer technology based on the principles of quantum theory which explains the behaviors of energy and material on atomic and subatomic levels.



Date of Workshop:

  • 21 –25 June 2021




  • Introduction to basics of quantum computing and Quantum circuits and applications of quantum algorithms.
  • Introduction to Python programming for quantum hardware using Qiskit.
  • Introduction to the qubit, Dirac notation.
  • Review of linear algebra and complex numbers.
  • Single qubit operations, fundamental gates.
  • The notion of quantum measurement. Multi-qubit states and operations, quantum entanglement, and more.



Who can Participate:

  • Faculty Students (PG and Ph.D. Scholars)
  • Researchers
  • Industry persons



How to Apply:

  • The participants are advised to use online at the AICTE ATAL registration portal.
  • You may visit the subsequent web link to register yourself, fill within the required details, and submit.




  • Registration Cost: There is no registration fee for any participants.
  • Last date: Interested can register on or before 15th June 2021 By filling  the form given within the link



Certification Criteria:

  • A test shall be conducted at the end of the program.
  • The certificates shall be issued to those participants who have attended the program with a minimum of 80% attendance and scored a minimum of 60% marks on the test.


How to apply Apply Here

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