Festember'23 - The Cultural Fest of NIT Trichy

Festember'23 - The Cultural Fest of NIT Trichy


Festember is NIT Trichy's vibrant cultural spectacle, entirely driven by student passion and innovation. With an impressive annual footfall of 18,000 students from 500 colleges across India, it stands as one of the most awaited fests in the country.

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Featuring an extensive lineup of events spanning 12 diverse clusters, from Music to Fashion, Arts to Gaming, and more, Festember is a platform where participants compete for prestigious cash prizes.
Step into a world where every moment is a vibrant haiku, and amidst these poetic harmonies, for Festember’s Kyoto Chronicles awaits you. Come along and be part of a festival that echoes through the ages, where memories are made and stories are told.



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