IIT Bombay | Open Source Hardware IoT GIS Hackathon, Apply by 15th December 2023!

IIT Bombay | Open Source Hardware IoT GIS Hackathon, Apply by 15th December 2023!


The hackathon serves as a collaborative platform for innovators, creators, and visionaries to leverage open-source hardware, IoT, and GIS in solving global challenges. It is organized under the FOSSEE project by IIT Bombay, which advocates for the adoption of open-source software in academia and industry. Funded by the Government of India's Ministry of Education, the FOSSEE-GIS team oversees the coordination of the IIT Bombay FOSSEE GIS Internship focusing on Geospatial Dashboard Design and Implementation.



Important Dates:

Registration opens: November 15, 2023 (tentative)

Registration closes: December 31, 2023

Hackathon start date: January 01, 2024



Who can apply:

  • This National Level GIS-based IoT Hackathon is open "ONLY FOR INDIAN CITIZENS".
  • "INDIAN CITIZENS" PURSUING THEIR HIGHER STUDIES IN UNIVERSITIES ABROAD can also apply. The right to admission concerning the participation of International participants in this hackathon completely rests with the organizing committee.
  • College students who are currently pursuing (i). 'Undergraduate (UG) degree'' i.e. BE. BTech, BS, BSc, BBA, BArch, BA, MBBS, BPharm, BDes, etc' [OR] (ii). 'Postgraduate (PG) degree' i.e. ME, MTech, MS, MSc, MBA, MPP, MPharm, MD, MDes, etc; [OR] (iii). PhD.
  • Interdisciplinary participation is allowed.




It is a "mandate" that the participating teams and or individual students must compulsorily ONLY use

  1. Free/Libre Open Source Software (based on GIS tools like QGIS, Python, R, etc, and documentation (LibreOffice Writer, LaTeX, etc) [MANDATORY];
  2. Open Source Hardware (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP32, or any non-proprietary open source hardware platform, etc)  [MANDATORY];
  3. Adhere to the 'Indian National Geospatial Policy'  [MANDATORY];
  4. Aligned with Gati Shakti [RECOMMENDED];
  5. The 'Problem Statement', and 'Study Area' to be proposed must be based purely on the real-life Indian context  [MANDATORY];
  6. Participating teams or individuals must use ONLY the "genuine data sets" with valid sources (referencing is a must) and/or Own data can also be used. in this case, the methodology used in collecting it must be mentioned in the report  [MANDATORY];
  • All expenses incurred must be borne completely by the participating teams. 'NO' financial support of any sort to any team(s)/ individuals.
  • As this is a national-level competition, we strongly recommend the participating teams NOT showcase any work that is being submitted for the grant of an IP (patent, etc) as it might become a prior art. By the end of the hackathon, teams whose work will be found to be 'valid' (including winners and non-winners) will be archived permanently on the hackathon's official website and IIT Bombay-FOSSEE servers.
  • The team(s) and/or individuals found involved in any kind of malpractice will be disqualified without any notice. This includes copying other's ideas, buying readymade products, tampering with data sets, etc.
  • Please enter the details carefully while filling out the form (particularly the email IDs). The team(s)/ individuals will be solely responsible for the data entered in this registration form. Any kind of changes and or modification requests post-registration deadline will NOT be entertained. The organizing team will not be responsible for any errors or mistakes made by the participants while filling out the form.
  • There is no limitation in the number of team(s) or individuals participating in this hackathon from Educational Institutions (University/ College/ Polytechnic), Research Organizations (DRDO, Research Labs, etc), professionals from industry, etc.



Composition of the Team:

Participation in this hackathon is allowed in two categories, as mentioned below,

  • Individual Participation (one-member team)
  1. This category is for a '01' member participation.
  2. If the participant wishes he/she can have a 'mentor'. Having a mentor is 'optional'.
  3. The 'mentor' (optional), can be a  faculty member or an industry professional.
  • Team Participation
  1.  A team can consist of a minimum of '02 members' and a 'maximum of 05 members'. Note: This does not include the 'mentor'. Having a mentor is 'optional'.
  2. The 'mentor' (optional), can be a  faculty member or an industry professional. The 'mentor' can not be a participant.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the team members to make sure that your details are entered correctly by your team leader while filling out this (registration) form. The organizing team will NOT entertain any request if details (including the email ID - where all vital communications will be sent; mobile number(s)) are entered incorrectly.




Certificates including those of (i). 'winners',  (ii). 'notable participants', etc will be issued ONLY to qualified/ eligible candidates post-declaration of results by the organizing committee. "Invalid entries" or submissions which doesn't follow the mandates/ adhere to the terms will NOT be eligible for the grant of certificate. In all circumstances, the decision made by the organizing committee shall be final and non-appealable.



Opportunity for Winners of the "National Level IoT-GIS Hackathon":

The 'winners' of this hackathon will be directly eligible to apply for the following coveted activities,

  1. IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS Summer Fellowship 2024 [OR]
  2. IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS Internship 2024 [OR]FOSSEE Semester-Long Internship (even semester - AY 2023-2024) under the Open Source Hardware team [OR]
  3. The DST Chanakya-FOSSEE National Geospatial Fellowship 2024 - under the product development category [OR]
  4. IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS Case Study in Medicine (for Community Medicine Students in Medical Colleges across India) [OR]
  5. IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS Business Case Study (focused geospatial case study competition for Engineers, MBA students, and start-up aspirants in India) [OR]
  6. Become a campus ambassador representing the IIT Bombay-FOSSEE-GIS & OSHW teams at your campus (subject to interview).

NOTE: Mere eligibility doesn't mean direct admission to the activities. The winners will be exempted from the written test and/or the screening task for the above-mentioned activities. Other mandatory requirements must be met by the candidate as needed. More details on this will be shared with those concerned at the right time.

How to apply Apply Here

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