How to Host the webinar on Zoom, Google meet, MS Teams, and Cisco

How to Host the webinar on Zoom, Google meet, MS Teams, and Cisco


Nowadays, many businesses could likely find a use for an online platform to hold meetings and webinars.

At one time, you can deliver tremendous value to customers while forging more personal connections.

Today we were going to show you how to host a webinar over the best webinar platforms Zoom, Google meets, Microsoft Teams, and Cisco.

The above apps we listed are some of the best apps used by many peoples during this pandemic, In a lockdown, mostly school and colleges take their classes online, offices are closed so meetings were held online.

Actually, webinars are quite easy to host, after reading this article even if you do not have any technical knowledge, you can easily learn it.


We will gonna show you step by step process that you have to follow to host a webinar.


How to host a webinar on Zoom App


One of the best and easiest webinar platforms. The best part was that you can use one link for multiple webinars, which make it easier for attendees mostly for daily meeting and school classes.


There are free and paid plans available on zoom you can visit their official site to know more about zoom webinar pricing


Note: You have two options when you schedule a webinar, attendees have to register for the webinar, or either they can join by clicking on the link.


Step 1: Open the zoom app or website and sign in with your email id and password. And login


Step 2: Select “Schedule a webinar” placed upside the screen. Then,

You have to add the following details to schedule the webinar 


  • Enter the title (topic name) of the webinar
  • Webinar description (optional)
  • Time and date of the meeting
  • Duration ( If you choose a free webinar then the duration will be up to 40 minutes)
  • Select the time zone of your country.
  • Enter the passcode and webinar I’d
  • Registration type 


“ Attendees register once and can attend any of the occurrences”

“ Attendees need to register for each occurrence to attend”

“ Attendees register once and can choose one or more occurrences to attend”


Below you’ll get lots of options for the webinar.


Step 3: Startup customizing your webinar


  • After you have scheduled your webinar it's time to look at some customizations. If you think you have to re-customize the schedule then you can go back.


  • Below there are lots of customizations where you can invite panelists, attendees, by sharing the link.


  • In the approval section, you can change how you want the webinar to get accessed and shared. Or can also limit the number of registrants, Just click on “Edit” under this tab to do just that.

Step 4: Now enjoy the webinar with your panelists and attendees by clicking on “start the webinar” 

How to host a webinar on google meet

The benefits of hosting webinars are present to more people in less time. You can have up to 3,000 this helps you effectively share your message with the maximum number of peoples.

You should have to follow some steps before starting a webinar.

Step 1: Firstly you should create an account then there are two ways to set up a meeting Start right away and schedule a meeting.

Step 2: “Customize your webinar” Prepare yourself before fully interact with your audience.

  • Now, click on join or start a meeting on your right-hand side
  • Enter the meeting title and click on continue
  • Make sure to allow the browser to access your microphone and camera
  • You can invite a maximum number of members by sharing an invite URL.

Step 3: Now, you can present the product to hundreds of potential customers and an excellent choice as a fully equipped virtual classroom or lecture hall.

How to host a webinar over Microsoft teams 

Microsoft teams are more like a zoom app, But to host a webinar you need a Microsoft 365 license that allows you to access the teams. If you don’t have don’t worry invest some money for making your goal successful here. 

How to host webinar….

Step 1: Sign up and log in to open the dashboard of Microsoft teams. On the upper right corner, you have an option called “New Meeting” click on that.

Step 2: Enter the following details to set up the schedule.

  • Enter title name of the webinar
  • The location from where you are hosting
  • Enter the time when you will start and end.
  • Time Zone of your country
  • Enter the people of the event group (if any)

Now click over the next, the first section that appears was Live event permission inside, There are three options available.

The first one was to only invite the specified groups and peoples.

Second, everyone in your organization can watch the webinar but sign-in was required.

The last one was the free option where just attendees have to click over the link and they will join (without sign in)

Step 3: Customize the webinar

After doing the above steps, it's time to do some extra customizations to offer more good value to the audience.

  • You can save and share the recording via the link
  • Make your webinar better with Q&A
  • Also, an attendee engagement report will be produced.

Click on schedule and enjoy the webinar.

How to host a webinar on Cisco 

Like zoom, cisco has a starter free plan where you can conference with up to 100 peoples at a time, So if you are doing webinars with school students or for offices the this will be a great option.

Cisco is one of the best platforms used for office meetings.

Step 1: Firstly you Sign up on cisco and if you have already an account in it then log in. After completing these tasks you will be allowed to use all programs inside cisco.

Step 2: You can access cisco with their free starter plan allows up to 100 video participants with a 40-minute time limit.

  • Schedule your event by clicking on Webex Events
  •  Untick registration required
  • Change the password to something easier to remember
  • Set date and time
  • Enter a brief description if you want to

Step 3: To add panelists, Create an Invitation list and enter Full name, Email, phone number, and other information.

  • You can also set a password for panelists if you want
  • Then you are ready to schedule this event.

Conclusion - How to host a virtual webinar

This is how we can use these 4 best applications to organize webinars easily, Choose the application that best suits your meeting style and budget.

Zoom and Cisco are two application who also provides free service with paid ones. Also, make sure to look again back to the steps before starting a webinar because in between it can create some issues.

Now, you are all set to schedule a webinar, best of luck, and grow your business.


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