VNIT Nagpur- Gian Course | MULTIMEDIA FORENSICS, Apply Now!

VNIT Nagpur- Gian Course | MULTIMEDIA FORENSICS, Apply Now!


The widespread adoption of digital content over traditional physical media such as film has given rise to several new information security challenges. Digital content can be altered, falsified, and redistributed with relative ease by adversaries. This has important consequences for governmental, commercial, and social institutions that rely on digital information.





Course Contents:

  • Introduction of data science: motivation, problems to address, limitations and challenges, and applications
  •  Multimedia forensics
  •  Camera identification
  •  Forgery detection through active methods
  •  Forgery detection through passive methods
  •  Double quantization
  •  Video forensics
  •  Social media forensics
  •  Deep fake methods for generation and detection
  •  Adversarial forensics
  •  Case study analysis
  •  Research status and current challenges





  • Students at all levels (B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech./Ph.D.) and aspiring researchers within the broad domain of signal, image, video processing, data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.
  •  Practicing engineers, computer scientists physicists, mathematicians, information technology, and data-processing specialists working in diverse areas such as telecommunications, seismic and geophysical, medical, and hospital information systems may find the course useful in their quest to learn advanced techniques for multimedia forensics.
  •  Executives, researchers from artificial intelligence, image/video processing, and computer vision industry, service and government organization including R&D laboratories.
  •  Faculty members from reputed academic and technical institutions.






Participants from abroad USD 150 / INR 11700
Industry/ Research Organizations: INR 5900/-
Academic Institutions (Faculty): INR 3540/-
Academic Institutions (Student): INR 2360/-

Students have to submit a letter from their institution/Valid Identity card as proof of full-time student enrollment.





September 19-23, 2022 (Number of participants for the course will be limited to fifty)



How to apply Apply Here

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