NIT Jaipur- Invitation for Course on Continuum Mechanics(Offline), Apply by May 15ᵗʰ, 2023

NIT Jaipur- Invitation for Course on Continuum Mechanics(Offline), Apply by May 15ᵗʰ, 2023

Overview :

National Institute Of Technology, Jaipur is inviting candidates for the course on Continuum Mechanics. 


Contents :

  • Einstein, index, and matrix notations, and basic operations using these notations, change of frame, transformations, concept, and representation of tensors, tensor operations, tensor calculus, covariant, and contravariant bases and transformations, the transformation of tensors, invariants of tensors,
  • Hamilton-Cayley theorem, kinematics of motion, deformation and their measures,
  • Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions, covariant and contravariant measures of strains in Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions,
  • invariants of strain tensors, the physical meaning of strain tensors, polar decomposition, definition and measures of stresses, Cauchy stress tensor, first and second Piola-Kirchhoff stress tensors, Jaumann stress tensors, rate of deformation, strain rate measures, spin tensors, convected time derivatives of stress and strain tensors, conservation and balance laws in Lagrangian and Eulerian descriptions for finite deformation, finite strain, and finite strain rate,
  • general considerations in the derivations of constitutive theories, ordered rate constitutive theories for thermoelastic solids and thermoviscoelastic solids with and without memory for compressible and incompressible cases, ordered rate constitutive theories for thermofluids and thermoviscoelastic fluids both compressible and incompressible, Maxwell, Oldroyd-B, and Giesekus constitutive models, ordered rate theories for hypoeplastic solids, complete mathematical models with thermodynamic relations, Princip.




Who can attend :

  • Graduate students (B.Tech./M.Sc./M.Tech./Ph.D.) and faculty members from academic institutions and technical institutions.
  • Engineers, researchers, and scientists in physical sciences and applied mathematics are interested in having a thorough understanding of principles and concepts.



Course Fees :

Food and accommodation charges 

  • Participants from abroad: US$50
  • Industry/Research Organizations: Rs. 3000 /-
  • Faculty from Indian academic Institutions: Rs.1500 /-
  • Research Scholars and students: Rs. 500/-

*GIAN Portal Registration fee of Rs 500/-




Course duration :

25ᵗʰ May – 3ᵗʰ June 2023

Total Contact Hours: 40 hours: 4-hour lectures/day

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