IISER Bhopal - Hands-on experience on Internet of Things, Apply by 30 June 2023

IISER Bhopal - Hands-on experience on Internet of Things, Apply by 30 June 2023


IISER Bhopal is organizing a workshop on Hands-on experience on Internet of Things. Interested ones can apply.




Name Description
Demonstrate how to connect sensors to a microcontroller Demonstrate how to connect sensors to a microcontroller
Demonstrate how to control sensors programmatically (via Micropython) Teach basic programming constructs (if-else, loops, control statements, debugging, etc.). Perform experiments with a microcontroller to (i) control the circuit with a relay (ii) Use a PIR sensor (iii) Pushbuttons (iv) Ultrasonic sensor
Demonstrate how to store IoT data on a cloud platform Introduction to cloud platforms such as Blynk.io,  ThingSpeak, and Google. Experiments to log temperature and humidity data on local and cloud storage. This includes (i) establishing a Wi-Fi connection between the ESP32 board and Blynk.io, (ii) Storing data on the Blynk platform, (iii) Visualizing stored data via a Blynk mobile application 
Demonstrate basic data visualization techniques in Python Introduction to Python Pandas library for statistical features and plotting. Perform basic experiments to (i) get statistical  summary features (e.g. mean, median) of the collected data (ii) Identify missing and abnormal values (iii) Clean data by handling missing and abnormal values, (iv) Plot data with different  
Demonstrate basic data analysis techniques (e.g., regression, clustering) for real-world applications in Python. Introduction to Scikit-learn Python library for data analysis. Experiments will show how to perform (i) prediction via regression and (ii) anomaly detection via clustering. These experiments will be done on the offline dataset consisting of temperature, humidity, occupancy, and energy consumption. 




It is desired that students should have prior programming experience. However, students without any programming experience may also join.

Basic qualification for the participants expected:

  • Degree they can be pursuing: BE/BTech/BCA/BSC/ME/MS/MSC/MCA/ PhD
  • Which year should they have completed? First-year onwards




What we need from the participant's side:

A laptop is required for the experiments. Each participant needs to bring their laptop.

Certificate :

Certificates will be awarded based on attendance and final exam scores

Split of marks for the workshop:

Internal:  50/100 (i.e., Each day there will be a quiz exam comprising 10 points)

Final exam:  50/100 (i.e., 20 for practical demonstration and 30 for theory examination)



Registration Details: 

Workshop Fee:

Rs.2000 (Registration fee - Rs. 200 + Caution deposit amount - Rs. 1800) . On completing the workshop Rs. 1800 will be refunded.

Note: Caution Deposit amount of Rs. 1800 will not be refunded if the participant does not complete the workshop or is absent during the workshop

Last Day for registration: June 30, 2023 - 5 pm

Note: After the last date of registration, cancellation or refund requests will not be entertained.



Accommodation details:

Payment instructions for NPTEL/SWAYAM Workshop

Hostel and Food payment instructions for the participant of the workshop titled “ Hands-on  Experience on Internet of Things” scheduled July 10-15, 2023, at IISER Bhopal.

Hostel Accommodation Charges

The hostel accommodation charges will be Rs. 192/- per day (bedding and curtain will be provided) per person for the workshop students. You are advised to check in on 9th July and check out on 16th July 2023. Accordingly, you will be charged for 7 days of hostel accommodation. The participants will have to make the hostel accommodation charges through the SBI iCollect. The link for the same and payment instructions are listed below.  

• SBI iCollect Link 

• Payment Instruction 

Food Charges

The food charge would be paid on-site directly to the mess service provider. The charges for the same would be about Rs. 180/- per person per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Please  DO NOT make this payment through SBI iCollect Link.


1) Applicants are requested to take a printout of the receipt payment of hostel accommodation charges and submit the same to the hostel caretaker office at the time of allotment of accommodation in IISER Bhopal. The applicants can also email a  receipt of payment to office_cs2@iiserb.ac.in 

2) Applicants are requested to kindly mention the workshop instructor's name in the  "Supervisor in IISERB" field and the workshop title and date in the remark field of the  SBI iCollect form. For more detail, please see the payment instruction.



Important Dates:

  • Start date: July 10, 2023                                   
  • End date: July 15, 2023
  • Exam date: July 15, 2023



Mode of Workshop : 

In-person at IISER Bhopal                                       


Total number of participants :




IISER Bhopal                



How to apply Apply Here

Join WhatsApp Group: Link

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