IIT Kharagpur | MHRD Scheme on Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN), Apply Now!

IIT Kharagpur | MHRD Scheme on Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN), Apply Now!


MHRD Scheme on Global Initiative on Academic Network (GIAN) Magnetohydrodynamics in the Light of Astrophysical Dynamos’ Analytic, Asymptotic and Numeric Applications.



Course Dates:

19-29 September 2022 (Online)





  • Executives, engineers, and researchers from private/government organizations including R&D laboratories.
  • Student students at all levels (BTech/MSc/MTech/Ph.D.) or Faculty from reputed academic institutions and technical institutions.




Module A:

General magnetohydrodynamics and dynamo effects: Introduction to MHD (MagnetoHydro-Dynamics) and induction equation, Magnetic Reynolds number and MHD theorems, Multipole expansions, Kinematic MHD dynamos, Differential rotation and alpha effects, free decay.


Module B:

Astrophysical MHD dynamo modeling: MEGA Method, Complete dynamo system, MHD scaling laws, Problems’ survey.





 The primary objectives of the course are as follows:

  • Elucidate the fundamentals of the dynamos’ analytic, asymptotic and numeric applications.
  • Introduce the computational methods necessary for the dynamos’ numeric modeling.
  • Derive the magnetohydrodynamics’ induction and dynamo equations.
  • Generalize magnetohydrodynamics’ analytic, asymptotic, and numeric approaches in other scientific and industrial applications.
  • Application of methods mentioned above in modeling of the planetary, solar, stellar, and galactic magnetic activities.




Selection and Fees:

Candidates registering early will be given preference in the shortlisting process. Selected participants will be intimated through email.

  • Faculty (Internal & External) and Scientists from R&D Labs: Rs.2000/-.
  • Persons working in Industry/ Consultancy firms: RS.4000/-
  • Students & Research Scholars
  • Without award of Grade: Rs.1000/-
  • With the award of Grade: Rs.1500/-
  • Students from abroad: $50
  • Faculty/Scientists/Industry Persons from abroad: $100




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