Internship opportunity at Sieve; Apply Now!

Internship opportunity at Sieve; Apply Now!

Overview :

Software is disrupting every vertical from media and advertising, to security, supply chain, factories, farming, retail, and more -- and video is becoming an increasingly important part of it. Every company powering this disruption is great at building software, but shouldn't have to build out core technology like computer vision or video processing infrastructure internally.



Eligibility :

  • The problems we're working on come twofold - infrastructure problems and ML problems.
  • On the ML front, we're working on applying state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms to build visual search systems and using traditional computer vision algorithms to solve problems efficiently. This involves technologies like PyTorch, Milvus, and the entire ML toolset.
  • On the infrastructure front, we're working with a combination of serverless functions, Docker, Kubernetes, and other technologies that'll help us scale video AI processing.



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