NIT Jalandhar | GIAN Program on Recycled Aggregates, Apply Now!

NIT Jalandhar | GIAN Program on Recycled Aggregates, Apply Now!


NIT Jalandhar is inviting applications for a GIAN Program on Recycled Aggregates. Interested ones can apply.






  • Understand the role of construction and demolition wastes in sustainable concrete construction, its potential, and its characteristics.
  • Understand the influence of recycled aggregates on the fresh, mechanical, and deformation properties of concrete.
  • Understand recycled aggregates based on self-compacting concrete and their effects on fresh and hardened properties.
  • Understand the durability performance of recycled aggregates concrete in comparison with natural aggregates concrete in terms of resistance to physical and chemical attacks.
  • Understand the environmental impact, standards, and specifications relating to the use of recycled aggregates in concrete.
  • Understand the structural performance of concrete containing recycled concrete aggregates, both under static and dynamic loading with particular reference to flexural fatigue.






Who Should Attend:

  • Academicians, Researchers, and Students
  • Design Engineers and Architects
  • Contracting Engineers
  • Ready Mixed Concrete Suppliers
  • Precast Concrete and Materials Suppliers
  • Formwork Designers
  • Highway Authorities and Designers
  • Trade Associations





Course Fee:

Faculty of Academic Institutions: Rs. 2000

Students: Rs. 1000

Participants from Industry: Rs. 2500





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